Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mushroom Mosh Pit

Taken August 24, 2012.

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  1. Things I never knew -- Goodwill will not take sofa beds because they won't take any kind of bedding. So ... anybody want a in-reasonably-good-shape sofa bed?

    Morning all.

  2. 'Shrooms, baybee! ::g::

    Andi, re: Goodwill - yeah, I found that out myself some years back. I get the reason why, but it truly is a PITA.

    Monday all-day meeting w/fav client was fab. Hoping today will be just as fab, but without meetings. :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Andi, you might want to join your local Freecycle mailing list and offer up the sofa-bed there.

    Need to button up my shirt & bolt to the mimes. I'm going to cut up about a half-dozen pears and stick 'em in the crockpot with a little sugar. That ought to smell up the office & get people interested in grabbing some of the harvest I picked up off the ground.

  4. Seconding the Freecycle rec. When we moved cross country we were able to pass along many useful items that way and with a couple email exchanges people came and picked them up. I thought it could not have been easier.

    (And then we got here and it IS easier. These 'burbs offer a sort of Freecycle Curb in that we can we just put furniture or whatever still has some years left in it out by the street and within an hour or two someone has come round and scavenged it.)

    Rain here today and cooler temps too, big YAY.

  5. Hi, all. Rainy day here so I am glad I don't have to go out.

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. (((Jen)))) sending you and E healthy vibes.

    Been busy with back to school stuff for Wes and Danni.

    Was at a Kos meetup in PDX on Sunday when Danni got the news that her boyfriend was dumping her. He had flipped his FB status... lame. Her heart is bruised but it was looming. She had dinner with his family Friday and they went total right winger on her. The Dad screamed at her about Libya... something about how this is a war against Christians and that Liberals are terrorists. Then the Mother went on about Danni shouldn't go to Africa because people there are shouldn't be having babies they can't feed... We're talking red in the face hollering at my daughter. Her boyfriend didn't stop it or back her up. They went on about family values and how they can't respect anyone who doesn't believe in family values. Same people who threaten to send their adopted son (the boy she's dating) back to Russia if he doesn't attend gospel every Sunday and Wednesday. The same people whose daughter is back in jail for selling drugs to children. But daughter is BAD because she wants to go to Africa to help people... go figure.

    The reason for the break up is that his parents want him to focus on school and get a job.

    ... But he's a year yonger and still in high school, she's going on to college so that was looming.

    Good news is that Wes is back to work with the Winterhawks. He has an appt with the equipment manager for practices. His program is wanting a plan b for after school and the arenas are hiring for hospitality jobs for concerts, trailblazer games and events. We're just hoping he can work part time and go to college/comm.college.

    Super hot here this week. Really weird weather for this area at this time of year.

    Off today as Wes has a dreaded dental appt and I won't go into all the skeery stuff dentist and autism entails.

    My love to all of you crazy happy people.

  7. Cripes. Lots of typos there. Sorry! But this a.m. is a bit chaotic.

    Meant to say that Danni didn't even bring any of the above topics up. They just started grilling her about why she was going to go to Africa (part of an animal science and conservation course and part with UNICEF) and then it just went BOOM. Danni said she barely got to talk and couldn't even eat.

    They said that people in Africa shouldn't have babies they can't feed. Danni said she tried to explain that the people don't have access to any birth control and that they just hope that one of their babies will survive. That was about all she was able to say.

    As to Wes: He's got the same job with the hockey team as he did last year - handing out season ticket holder schwag and working with the ticket sales guy and not just for the weekend games but all home games. And in addition, he has an interview for more work with the equipment manager for practices. pretty damn cool!

    Sorry for the need to re-explain. Ran to the dentist with an unwilling young man and have to go back at 4pm again for the actual surgery. Thank goodness for this socialist, liberal entitlements like OFLA or I'd be "absent" from my job in which I pay more taxes than the parasitic 1%.


  8. Playing Ketchup.

    ((((((Dina)))))) so sorry that you lost a dear friend. Falling asleep in her own bed... I'm sure you and all her loved ones were a great comfort and support group for her. I just wished I could simply reach out and hold your hand. Sometimes this "internets" thing is hard on the heart.