Friday, September 21, 2012

Moon Rise Over New Jersey

Taken Aubust 31, 2012.

Click image to see larger version


  1. What a good friend, Maria. Can't wait to hear all about it and Gaiman's talk.

    I'm sure Danni will find lots of liberal boys at college, Janet. :)

    I'll let you have the cats, Dina, and I'll stick to the dogs.

    Thanks, Candis -- especially since some people (cough Larry cough) don't find anything to do with spiders pretty. ;)

  2. Nice. I've tried to shoot the moon several times lately but with no success. Need to go pick up a tripod and maybe also a new lens.

    Best wishes to you all for a great weekend.

  3. Lovely picture, Andi.

    Have a lovely day, all.

  4. Season Opener! Go Winterhawks. And Go Wesley! :)

    The NHL can go Mitt itself.

  5. Joisy's bein' mooned!
    Spider webs can be pretty, Andi, just as long as they're hung where I won't walk into them!

    Jen, shooting the moon is easy, if you get all the high Hearts and… oh wait, we're talking photography. Never mind.

    Yay Winterhawks! Maybe the NHL should go puck itself? :-P Give Danni a hug, and let her know that all your online friends are thinking about her.

  6. Nice moon!!

    Busy morning - recorded more of Blood Kin. Next, I'm off for hair cut & color at a new salon (rec'd by a friend). Then back home to meet with the new catsitter, who will take care of Kit while I'm gone in a couple of weeks to San Antonio, then at the start of Nov. to Toronto with Ms. Dina. ::g::

    Lovely, lovely weather here.

    Happy Friday!