Monday, September 17, 2012


Taken August 21, 2012.

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  1. Morning all. Off to Indy to wait for Goodwill to come take most (I hope) of Mom's stuff that we didn't move to the new apartment.

    Mary, I really liked both this episode and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. It was nifty how the echo endings of the blowing up of spaceship with its occupant were made to be so absolutely different.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes, E is home and resting. Her medical thinktank believes it was probably not a heart attack but they still want to do the cath procedure to figure out if it is some kind of heart problem. So, yay for no heart attacks, and half a yay for E feeling well enough to be a giant pain in my ass. ;p

    Hope you all have a good day!

  3. Morning, gang!! Meeting Monday @ the mimes (but with my fav client, so all is good).

    I am now a convert to the Kindle Fire HD. Sold off iPad (which I loved, but was getting too heavy for my hands) and purchased one of the new Kindle Fires. LOVE it!! It's small enough, and the display is amazing. Yes, it's Android instead of Apple, but I'm good with that.

    It's configured to hook up with Gmail, Twitter & Facebook, plus reading my ebooks and watching movies/TV via Amazon Prime free streaming. Basically, all my traveling needs in a small package.

    Speaking of traveling, my talk in San Antonio has now morphed into a talk + a workshop! Eek!! I have no idea what to do yet and the trip is < 3 weeks away. I'll just be here gibbering and wracking my brain...

    Happy Monday and best wishes/great vibes to E!

  4. Yay for good news for E -- hope it continues in that direction.

    I like reading on the iPad, Maria, but I know what you mean about the weight -- I just read the Dorothy Dunnett's massive Lymond series on the iPad and it did make both my hands and arms tired if I read for a long time.

  5. Hi, all. So glad to hear about Wes and the E is home. Sending good thoughts on future medical procedures.

    Maria, the reason I never got the iPad in the first place was the weight. I knew it would be a problem. I can't wait to see your Kindle fire!

    A good week to everyone.

  6. Morning! Monday's a good day to just dogpile.

    Jen, E needs a little pampering, sounds like. Give her an approved beverage and a big wet smooch.

    Maria, I've heard a lot of griping about the new Fire bombarding people with ads. Did you jailbreak it? ;-)

    My recent geeky acquisition was a 256GB SSD drive. It's about 1/2mm taller than the spinny drive it replaced, and that was enough to make it a *really* tight fit in my MacBook. But it works. Dang, it makes apps launch FAST! Cold start to login screen: 39 secs. I can't see replacing this 5yo laptop any time soon, unless it has a catastrophic breakdown.

    Mime time…

  7. Jen, glad that it wasn't a heart attack and hoping it turns out to be something simple and easily treatable.

    Hallooo to all. Slow rainy day here that's just bulldozing my ambition. Slept in. Run was slow and short. Did a full weights workout, but it took about twelve times as much discipline as normal. Need to get the short story that doesn't want to be written off my plate, so that's next up along with waiting for offers/contracts to come through so I can de-seekrit some projects and get back to work.

    I like the iPad for reading, but I usually prop it up with a pillow and don't actually support it with my hands.

    Gotta go hammer on the words…

  8. Jen, Glad to hear goodish news about E.

    and great news for Wes!

    Like Kelly, I lean my iPad on my knees or a pillow. But it is heavy.

    Andi, I hadn't thought about the exploding spaceships but you are right. And there is a flickering lightbulb theme going this year. Wonder where that will lead.