Thursday, September 20, 2012

In the Rough

Taken August 28, 2012.

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  1. Morning all. Another coolish day here and even cooler (down in the 60s) for the first day of fall. Between the drought and the temps in the 100s, I'm not going to be sorry to see the end of Summer 2012.

  2. Another gorgeous day dawning here, too! So happy for the lovely weather.

    Got an email last night from a friend - she has an extra ticket to a reception next Friday night - the beauty of it? It's for Neil Gaiman, who is receiving the Mason Award from the National Book Festival. The event is sponsored by our local MWA chapter. I also managed to score a seat (all free!) to Mr. G's talk, too. Wheeeeee!!

    In other news: Ragweed.

    Happy Fake Friday!

  3. Maria, I am green with envy. Have a stellar time.

    Yup, the boyfriend sitch was doomed. Heard that his parents gave him some new fandangled phone for "appeasing" them. I had some pity for the kid till I heard about the bribe. Danni is doing better and I joked with her to please, in the future, not date boys who flat out state that they are rapepublicans. She said she had tried to not make that matter but that politics do matter.

    Gotta run. 7-3 shift at the mimes.

  4. Great news, Maria! Enjoy.

    Quiet day here. Hoping to get to the shelter to do a bit of cat socializing. It's a rough job, being with cats, but someone has to do it!

  5. Oh wow - that's so pretty Andi.