Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Got an angle on that

Taken August 16, 2012.

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  1. Morning, gang! Feels like Monday after lounging about all day yesterday. Ah, well.

    Cool front has settled and the weather is gorgeous today. Fall temps, how do I love thee?

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Hi, all. Been MIA on the sad mission of saying goodbye to a very good friend. Sally (not porch Sally) died the way she wanted. She went to bed in her own home and just did not wake up. But it was too soon for us and we miss her.

    There was a party celebrating her life and that was great. She touched many people and it showed. RIP, Sally.

  3. Dina, condolences for your loss.

  4. {{{Dina}}} :-(

    At the timeshare this week. Internet means walking to the clubhouse (aerobic walk) or the condo office (easy walk) to scarf the wifi. So far, this has been the only day I've managed. Gotta get Mason napping at the condo, not in the van, with nothing else going on. Heh. Now I'm ready to go back and lay waste to the small container of party mix.

    Getting lots of thumbs-up on Twitter for White Pickups — now if only some of them will become reviews. ;-)

    OK, that party mix ain't gonna eat itself…

  5. Yes, hugs, Dina, for your friend. :(