Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gone in a Streak

Taken August 18, 2012.

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  1. Morning all. We've been having gorgeous weather the last few days which is very conflicting since while I'm loving the glorious weather, I'm wishing it was a gloomy, rain-filled day.

  2. I wish it would rain some more here, too. But it's good that it's not because our air conditioning unit only outlasted our water heater by 36 hours so we're having another The Guy come out today to install a new one. In related observations, I bought a teapot nearly 20 years ago that continues to work amazingly well no matter what we do to it and I am started to wonder why we don't just make everything out of teapot.

  3. Good idea, Jen! :)

    Gorgeous picture, andi. I, too, wish for a long dreary rainy day. We were spoiled this summer with our daily storms. Now it's dry again, and I'm missing those gray skies. Although I know y'all need the rain a lot more than we do.

    Still packing. Still hauling. Furniture goes tomorrow, cleaning on Friday. Then the unpacking begins. Hopefully I won't have to do this again for a while!

    A gecko rode into the house on some outdoor furniture. Now I have to convince him to go back out - but I have to find him, first. Argh.

    Have a good hump day, all!

  4. Morning, all! Busy days at the mimes, which is fine by me.

    Beth, geckos are cool - send him my way. :)

    Jen, bummer on the a/c - ::sends you good vibes::

    I wish rain for all those who need it.

    In other news, I am slowly but surely assembling the Avengers. ::g::

  5. Hi, all. Thanks everyone for their thoughts. Malice is honoring Sally which makes it extra special.

    I am very glad for the good weather as I am driving aways to meet a friend for lunch. Much better than the most recent trip.

  6. Morning!

    Outside w/Mason at the timeshare playground. If I were to edit out the sounds, it would be like the Truckalypse here. Seeing only a pickup, white of course, only enhanced the sensation. And it's rather cool that my phone has learned "Truckalypse." ;-)

    Quiet enjoyment to all, and cheap repair bills for Jen!