Monday, September 24, 2012

Dodging the Light

Taken September 5, 2012.

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  1. Adorable pictures of Mason -- what a great way to start the day. Love 'em all but the one of him asleep in the stoller is heart-meltingly adorable.

    And speaking of kiddies -- my newest great-niece arrived this morning at 3:42 a.m. She's about 4 weeks premature but still came into the world at 5 lb. 11 oz and 18 inches.

  2. Aww, best wishes to mama and babygirl.

    Since the phone I've been carrying around looks like it time-traveled here from decades ago (and the cell phones from decades ago look like suitcases), I ordered an HTC One X last night. That sounds like a go-kart to me, but it purports to be a smartphone, a word I cannot say without putting voice-scare-quotes around the "smart", which makes me sound like I time-traveled here from decades yet to come. (Spoiler: I did not.)

    This will be my first smartphone. Does anyone know anything useful about how to get started with these gadgets? I'm a little afraid it's going to get here, take itself out of the box, and start doing things. Which, if it chooses laundry, would be fine, but that's not very smart so it probably won't. I've read a little bit about it at TechHive, but has anyone here used the Ice Cream Sandwich OS? Got tips?

  3. When I got my first SmartPhone, the Verizon rep told me I'd want to throw it against the wall for two weeks, then I'd love it. Which is pretty much true. You'll figure it out quickly. Mine's 9 months old, so no clue about Ice Cream Sandwich. Good luck - enjoy it!

    Off to Georgia for a few days in the woods, although they look a little different than your pic, andi. So much for getting caught up on work. We'll try that again on Thursday. Have a great week, folks!

  4. Ice Cream is the most current version of the Android OS, Jen. I have an Android phone but I am way behind on OS releases (curse you, AT&T). However, I'm sure there are enough similarities that I can help you with some problems. One of the first thing you'll want to do is sync your Gmail account, including your contacts. If you haven't put phone numbers in the Gmail contacts, add them before you get the phone and all the numbers will be there for your phone when you get it. I always keep all my contacts in Gmail and sync that way because if something happens to my phone, it will be easy to get all the numbers back.

    Have fun the piney woods, Beth.

  5. Is the ice cream vegan? :) I'd rather have a go kart. Jen, I swear we're related somehow. But aren't we all really?

    I have and LG Android - not sure what it's name is... but I love it. At first I didn't even know how to accept a call, now I can't live without it. One cool thing is that Wesley has now used his as an aassistive tech device. He's really great about texting and loves that he can check up scores while out. All four of us have the same phone/plan.

    Saw a great documentary about yoga. "Enlighten Up". I was really really lucky finding my yoga studio I now realize. My yogi had/has incredible teachers and guides. Yoga is now just a big biz in the West. I started yoga for physical and mental enlightenment and am finding myself back on a spiritual journey. By spiritual I don't mean christianity or god. I'm really digging the sanskrit sutras. I'm still in awe over, "to end misery, remove ignorance"..... Went out on the river this weekend.

    Going to have to change up my yoga and river schedule a bit we found out this week since Winterhawks hockey. But I needed to change up the Friday easy class anyways. :)

    Have a great day. This week I have almost normal hours. 3 8-4s and then an 11-7. Wow.

    I might as well close this with a Namaste :)

  6. Hey all!

    Welcome to the world, Andi's grand-niece ! Daughter Dearest and I were both a month early, but not nearly as robust as that kid! Hey, we turned out OK.

    I don't know a ton about Android, as I use that other kind. But if you do any kind of writing on the hoof, you'll want two things: a Bluetooth keyboard to pair with the phone, and the Evernote app. Maybe one or more of the book-reading apps, as it's a great way to kill some time waiting for something else to happen. The Boy had a Galaxy S, until he dropped it in something wet; I could ask him what he thought were essentials. A couple of games, of course.

  7. When I got my first SmartPhone, the Verizon rep told me I'd want to throw it against the wall for two weeks, then I'd love it.

    I'm reasonably sure that first part will true out for me, too. Like the little ant, I have high apple pie in the sky hopes for the second part. :)

    Andi, right now I'm afraid to sync anything because I don't understand what can happen to my information and how public it can become without me realizing it. I have multiple gmail accounts which I use for different purposes and I don't want my blood relations, for example, to know who my friends are. Because I'm related to a bunch of jerks.

    Janet, I almost got an LG model which is a little older but the newer HTC was weirdly a better deal through our carrier. I do not think it is vegan. Which I wouldn't eat anyway, since I am of the firm opinion that virtually all foods can only be made better with the addition of butter, cheese, and/or bacon, heh.

    Larry, I probably won't do any/much writing on it (boy that has the ring of famous last words, doesn't it?), but the reading app is a must-have. And of course the games. ;p

    Y'all are awesome, thanks. I'll have E shoot some video of me when the new thing arrives because lol my inability to navigate a cell phone is epic. Place your bets now on whether I'll even be able to make a phone call on it without asking for help.

  8. Hurrah for babies and enchanted forest photos!
    And hurrah for me because I've just registered for my first Malice Domestic next year! We'll also be revisiting Williamsburg (this time with no small children in tow - that was in 1979); overnight train/sleeper to Chicago and same Chicago to Denver (just because...); several days in Colorado Springs (the later What Katy Did books for me and the heritage railways for Him); then back to Denver and home. Yippee!

  9. Beautiful! Love the ray photos, especially when the dogs find their way into them too. :)