Saturday, September 29, 2012


>Both taken September 6, 2012
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  1. Thanks for all the birthday greetings. Went out for a very enjoyable birthday dinner with several family members. Hope everybody has a fine weekend.

  2. Sound like a lovely birthday, indeed!

    Lovely picture, too. :)

    Off to CVS in a few as I must buy a replacement battery for my Apple remote - otherwise, I can't watch my shows!! Stupid thing died on my last night.

    Then, a recording session for as long as my voice holds out, followed by an afternoon of catching up on season premieres.

    Happy weekend, all!

    1. Maria - do you have an iPhone or iPad? If so you can use Apple's Remote app on either device to browse through your iTunes or Apple TV as long as you turn on home sharing. I'm using my iPhone right now to scroll through my iTunes to listen to music (Yann Tiersen) on my iMac. Here's the link:

      Apple Remote

      I rarely use my silver little remote these days.

  3. Wow, gorgeous web snaps.

    The moonrise here was really lovely last night but instead of getting annoyed with the camera I just gazed at it in awe and then went inside and baked brownies, heh.

    Today's lesson in relaxation is brought to you by Mr. Billyjack.

    Happy weekend to everyone.

  4. The Portland Sheeple here say, "Bleated Birthday Andi!" Sorry I missed your belly button day.

    Has been busy work week and paperwork for kidlets week. Also, I'm getting ready to ride the bus then max to the airport. Heading on down to San Jose and San Francisco. No NHL hockey so we're going to stop by the Giants arena :) as well as SF's MOMA. Will be back by Thursday. Gonna miss my 23rd anni and will miss the kids dearly. But it also good to getaway a bit. Get away... heck, I'm flying on Southwest Airlines LOL

    Gotta chillax. Ciao!

  5. Canids, I am such a doofus!! I do have an iPhone. I had totally forgotten about that app. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Hi, all.

    Love the picture. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  7. Belated birthday wishes, andi! Glad you had a good day. I'm dogsitting this evening. It's pretty peaceful with two Labs snoozing at my feet. Makes me tired myself...

    Hoping everyone has a relaxing Sunday planned. Mine will be work, football, and dog-watching. Not necessarily in that order!

    Night all!

  8. Howdy Maria, Candis, Jen, Janet, Dina, and Beth. Billyjack definitely knows how to relax and I would really, really like to be able to emulate him (and the snoozing labs). Maybe if I ever get past all the angst and anxiety of selling my mom's condo, I can make a try. Anyway, a good Sunday to all.

  9. Those are the good spiderwebs — they're easy to see, so you don't run into them. ;-)

    Skylar just showed up. The Boy had pulled up monster truck & demolition derby vids on YouTube while he was here, so Mason was wanting to see some reruns. Skylar came in, and Mason got all excited. Either that, or he had to go collect his horde of cars and hide them. Not much snoozing happening at FAR Manor right now.

    Janet, have a good trip!

    Yes, I was going to be in NC this weekend. But Mom & I got our signals crossed & she was expecting me next weekend. So… I'm here.

    I have some Mason pix scheduled to hit the blog at 1:30pm ET today. You can also check out my #FridayFlash if you're so inclined…

    Well, that's the morning dispatch!

  10. Add me in on the belated birthdays, Andi. Hope it was fabulous. I spent 4 hours in a car yesterday traveling to and from the Renaissance Festival I used to work at a million years ago. They gave one of their best stages over to a memorial performance for my friend Mike, and there was nothing short of fire or plague that was going to keep me from making it.

    Very surreal experience. The geography of the grounds is the same, and many of the same shops are in the same places but almost none of them look like they did the last time I visited a decade ago. Likewise I saw a lot of almost familiar costumes worn by people I didn't recognize, all of them the age of the people I remember, not the age they would be now. I think I have a much better insight into how to write a cross time story now. It was unsettling and I'm very glad I went in costume. Last time I went to Ren Faire dressed as a civilian, people kept trying to sell me stuff, and again, it felt like I'd stepped into the wrong version of reality. This time, no one recognized me but they treated me like part of the show not part of the audience.

    Memorial show was great and the remaining members of the Gallowglass Irish trio have made all of their old music available for download on free/pay a bit if you want (with all proceeds going to Mike's favorite charities). If you'd like to hear the fabulous work they did back in the day you can find it at:

    And now I have to wonder off and do the stuff that needs doing.