Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bad Hair Day

Taken August 12, 2012.

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  1. I survived the Great NYC Wedding Trip of 2012! Got back late last night. I feel like I've just spent a year in the car.

    Jen, I'm not sure how long my menopause sleeping problems lasted -- it seemed like forever at the time but I guess it was about a year. It was pretty miserable but I actually came out of it with a better ability to fall asleep (and to take naps).

    We didn't get the rain that was predicted, Larry, but we did end up with just under 2 inches so I'm happy.

    Hi Dina. I thought about you as we came out the Holland Tunnel yesterday -- so close and yet so far.

    Happy for you, Nicky, about the Malice Domestic visit. Will you get to do some traveling around the states while you are here?

  2. Oops -- sorry Janet. My travel-befuddled brain was so busy feeling sorry for my travel-beaten body that it totally forgot to say Happy Birthing Day to you and Happy Birthday to Wes!

  3. Hi all. Back from a week in Idaho, filled with good friends and much-loved places. Home now, and packing boxes. Whee?

    Happy Birthday to Maria!

    Glad you had a good trip, andi. That sounds like a grueling drive to non-traveling Beth.

    Waving to all - back to the boxes.

  4. Thanks for the sympathies, all. I managed to get a little more sleep last night but am still deprived.

    Andi, it's already been longer than a year for me because this isn't "real" menopause -- it's being caused by the autoimmune disease attacking my glands. So it's identical to menopause, symptomatically and chemically, but I will probably be dealing with it for a decade. I cannot possibly do 10 years like this, so I was hopeful that the sleep function returned before the process was complete. Perhaps I will buy a case of that new Zzzzzquil stuff.

    Happy Birthday to Wesley and happy nostalgia day to Wesley's mom. :)

  5. What, Maria and Wes share a birthday? Double shot! (And Mason's is Thursday.)

    The Boy arrived *very* early yesterday morning, and has been in & out ever since. He came dragging in at 8am this morning. With a girl. She was wearing a Burger King outfit, so of course I had to make a crack about the "take-out window." She laughed, anyway. Mason's glad he's around, but has been extremely whiny of late with a cold coming on. I took him for a run at the Mal*Wart over the weekend, and he found the toy aisles. "Me want this, and this, and this, and [everything on the shelf]." And he keeps talking about going to get it all, and has a tantrum when it doesn't happen. Looks like the Terrible Twos are giving way to the Even More Terrible Threes. Bleah.

    Beth, hope the boxing-up is quick and painless! And with that, I'm outta here…

  6. Okay I think I can quit checking my diary now and replying in it. Whew. That can be time consuming. No wonder I don't write diaries often. :) My Portland Moment of Zen was put on Community Spotlight and then also made it to the Rec List over at the Orange Satan. I don't know why such a silly diary about breathing and kayaking got so much attention. I think Sunday must've been slow and people were tired of the Empty Chair diaries. :)

    Happy Birthday to Maria, too!

    Farf, do they have any make it yourself craft stores there? We have several of these little craft stores where people can bring their rather young kids to make pottery. The stuff is pre-made, all you have to do is paint it then they put it in a kiln and bake it for you. Even have parties there. Wes loves to paint. Always did.

    Watching my pooties buffalo around the house.

    Today was Wes' first day back to his program. His last year there...

  7. Eeek, how did I miss Maria? (spoiler: 4 hours of sleep.) Happy Birthday to you too, lady! And to Mason, as by Thursday I may be hallucinating.

  8. Just popping in to say happy birthday to Maria and Wes.

  9. Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes!! (and a happy birthday to Wes)

  10. I need to pay more attention to my email.

    Happy Birthday, Maria! Hope you are having a great one.