Saturday, August 18, 2012

Winning Streaks

Taken July 24, 2012.

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  1. Another trip up to my mom's. I'm hoping this will be the last big day of going through crap and after this it will just be general cleaning up.

    Hope all went well with your sister, Maria.

    I had to be greedy, Candis, but I would have liked to have had (and have) lots more.

    I guess that's an upside to drought -- all it takes is a bit of rain to make us feel very happy.

    Happy Saturday to you, Dina.

    I'm glad you aren't moving far, Beth, but no matter how little distance you go (my mom only moved a mile and a half west), you still gotta deal with all the stuff that has to go from here to there and all the stuff that needs to go from here to nowhere. Hope the headache has cleared up.

  2. Hi, all. Andi, hope that it isn't too bad today and you get done what you need to get done.

    Maria, how is Laura doing?

    Beth, hope your headache is long gone. I had headaches with a passion!

    Happy Saturday, everyone.

  3. Thanks, Dina. We got tons (almost literally) done.

    I'm not sure what I thought was the most amusing find of the day but these are definitely in the running:

    a. The hospital bill for my oldest sister's birth in 1947.
    b. The various grade school report cards of all three of us, the oldest one from 1953.
    c. A 1962 letter (one a week required) I wrote home from camp. It included a paragraph marked only for Diane (oldest sister) that described a cute boy I thought she would like.
    d. The valentine my younger sister made for mom in 2nd grade (1964).

    The most disconcerting was loaded 38 revolver. We knew my step-father's gun was probably around somewhere but it hadn't been seen for at least 15 years.

  4. Oh my gosh, andi, you ARE finding treasures! Both scary and not so. I love the letter from camp - and the loaded gun is a little - yes, disconcerting. Glad you didn't find it in a worse fashion! And yes, any move is grueling. I might be fooling myself, thinking it'll be easier to move 1/2 hour away instead of 1/2 a continent. I'll let you know!

    Headache finally let go - I don't get them often, so am a baby when I do. It threatened to return last night, but I think that was the 2 beers I had at the birthday party. We'll see how today goes.

    Back to working, packing, and live music. Kind of my mantra these days! I leave for Idaho a week from yesterday, and am getting excited.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Hi all! I actually have three bars of EDGE signal here at Dad's place, at least in spots. I'm out on the deck now, enjoying the gorgeous weather.

    The ferry across Lake Michigan was nice. A four-hour trip, plus an hour & a half boarding & de-boarding, but it was nice to cut half the driving off the trip. A little pricey: $75 each for me & the car, but I got 30-40 bucks back not having to buy gas. They have wifi on the ship, but I didn't bother. I mainly hung out on the foredeck, enjoying the breeze and reading. I'll dedicate a post when I retro-blog the vacation.

    The funeral was sad, but I got to see a bunch of cousins I haven't seen in decades. We used to play football in the snow at Grandma's, and the girl who used to sit in my lap and giggle now has a son going to my alma mater (Michigan Tech). We all got to tell our stories about Uncle John. I'll blog about the one where I rode a donkey out his front door, too…

    Much writing has been done, about 8000 words on paper, I guesstimate. My nephew is reading Accidental Sorcerers for me… he actually read the first ones on my blog, but he got halfway through the whole thing last night on my Kindle. I put an ePUB on my jump drive so he can finish it on his Nook Color.

    Oh, did I mention Dad had wrecked his car before I arrived? I've been driving him around as needed—good thing I'm here, eh? I cleaned out the rain gutters on the short side of the house, but he's going to have to get someone with safety gear to get the other side. :-( His short-term memory is shot, but I think it's working a little better with someone here to talk to. He has no problem directing me where we have to go. Uncle Tom (his brother) only lives a few miles away, and we went over there for their 50th wedding anniversary party. More cousin time, yay! My only other must-do while I'm here is to get a wet burrito.

    Back to writing… safe travels to Beth and all others, whether commuting or cleaning out (a loaded .38? yeesh)!

  6. Yikes Andi -- echoing Beth: glad no one got hurt finding the gun! Also love the camp letter. :D Do you remember how much the hospital bill was?

    Jim -- loved your hummingbirds (over at the cafe). Amazing that you guys get to hang out with so many. :-)

  7. I love love love my kayak!

    Friday was 102, hottest day here so far and I went out on the Tualtin river with my husband who just turned 54. Only went 2 miles. Got in the car and I instantly got sick. Too much heat and sun we think. But I went out the very next MORNING and did 5 miles. Even got into the wildlife reserve portion of the river.

    Saw several Great Blue Herons. They remind me of little old men, hunched over with grey shawls on.

    Next was the abundance of overly flirtatious dragonflies. I did well and didn't roll my wrists and kept a good paddle stride. I had to do some yoga hinge poses in the kayak to keep my neck and back from stiffening up. Overall, I was very happy with the paddle and I firmly believe I'll be able to do it regularly - and thereby benefit from this therapy :) In conjunction with TM, yoga and acupuncture. (crosses fingers, knees and eyeballs)

    Went to the aquarium in Newport yesterday and loved the up close and personal view of the sea otters eating crabs. Then we went to the Rogue Ale House and had fish and chips :) Great weekend.

    Sorry for your loss ((((Farf))))) thought of you while we had birthday meal at Rama Thai on Th.

    Hello to all! xoxo