Monday, August 20, 2012

Two Sides of a Different Coin

Taken July 24, 2012.

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  1. Good thing you've got plenty of live music to go or all that working and packing might make you a dull Beth. :)

    Larry, I'm glad that the funeral was full of good memories and that the rest of the trip is going well. BTW, did you see my comment the other day that I messed up the dates we were going to be gone and that we will be here this coming Sunday?

    The hospital bill was really cheap, Candis -- under $100 (though I'm not sure if it was the entire bill).

    Very jealous of the river trips in your kayak, Janet. How wonderful.

  2. Morning, all!

    Quiet weekend (yay!) - today the mimes.

    Over the weekend, my futon frame broke, so I'm sleeping rather precariously until I can replace it. Part of the metal frame just broke off. :( I'm frustratedly surfing Ikea (where I bought this some years back) and trying to decide whether to buy another of the same, and have this same thing happen at some point, or just bite the bullet and buy a real bed. Thing is, I like my futon mattress and hate to give it up. Haven't bought a real bed in eons. Le sigh.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Hi! Must be something stinky under that log. ;-)

    Yes, Andi, I saw that. I'll stop in Columbus Thursday night & meet you Friday morning—sounds good?

    Janet, my bro loaned me his kayak, and I paddled around the lake today. Nice peaceful trip. I think I'll get a 2-seater next spring so I can take Mason around the pond.

    Maria, bummer about the futon. You could maybe get someone to weld that piece back on, might be easier than junking the whole frame. I've heard so much both good & bad about Ikea, seems like it's luck of the draw.

    Back to writing…

  4. Got home early and am sitting outside patio blogging while clouds roll in with maybe some more rain. Gee it's been forever since I could do this. Although my wifi is kind of slow out here - but who cares? I'm outside!

    The weekend was gorgeous but unfortunately I didn't feel well - UTI. Ugh. But feeling better now.

    Larry, I'm late in saying this but so sorry for your loss. And I'm jealous you are stopping to see Andi and Jim.