Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Busyness of the Buttonbush

Taken the second week in July, 2012.

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  1. Woken up at 3:30 a.m. by the power going out (and standby generator kicking in). No storm, no wind, no clue what caused it but around 75 households without power.

    I am very jealous of your sogginess, Maria. Glad to hear your good medical news.

    Sorry about the lack of rain, Jen. Thinking about rain is becoming an obsession for me.

    Yay for the getting the kitty, Dina.

    Looking forward to hearing (I'm sure the blast will be heard round the world) the LC fire, Larry.

    So cool on the kayak, Janet -- you have such great places to go use it. I can't wait to hear about (and see) all your adventures.

  2. Bummer about the power, Andi!! Hope it's fixed soon.

    I'd intended to sleep in today. A certain 4-legged furry child had other plans.

    Dina, I can't wait to meet the new kitty! Hope I can make it up there soon. Probably not this month, but next time?

    Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

  3. Thanks, Maria. Power came back a little ago.

  4. We finally got some rain this morning! Which reminded me of this gospel group, The Blind Boys of Alabama. (Link goes to the song the rain made me think of -- I prefer the piece a capella but it's still a nice sample.) It might rain more this afternoon, and we have an increased chance tomorrow as well. Hopefully we're not going to go from drought to flood, but it is whatever it is.

    Andi, I'm glad your power outage was temporary. We're considering putting one of those generators in this autumn before the snow flies.

    Between the heat keeping my legs wobbly and the hate making my heart break, this summer has been pretty rough, so I've been escaping via Mario Kart. I got up to level 3, and the game got freakin' hard, so I decided to go back to level 1 again and see if I could beat my original race times/ratings. (Because the game rates a few different things, there are trophies and "grades" and such, and performing well unlocks new characters and vehicles.)

    I'd gotten As on some of the courses and fallen into the delusion that I was actually doing well at this game, and then I discovered that I could get a star rating. Hmm. Tried to beat my A on a different track and discovered that I could get a TWO star rating. So I checked a gaming forum to figure out wtf the difference was, and the child experts informed me that the best rating was actually THREE stars, which I have never gotten on any track. ::sad trombone sound::

    Big welcome home to Miss Madeleine tomorrow, and best wishes to all for a great weekend.

  5. Cool plant, and the bugs don't seem to mind the prickles, huh? Good to hear you got your power back, Andi. Probably some drunk fool hit a power pole. Last time our power went out, nobody thought about the generator until it came back on. :-P

    We keep getting threats of rain, but little or no action. Not ten miles east of here, though, they got like three inches! Sheesh.

    Yay for new kitty, Dina! I'm sure there will be lots of pictures, right?

    Maria, I have a toddler who does the same thing. Sleep in? Hah!

    Janet, yay for getting some rain! Yeah, that Mario Kart thing can get pretty intense. Daughter Dearest always beats me at it because she's had more practice.

    Oh, and I shot the Launch Cannon around midnight last night. First target has been hit. I'm about to take the next shot, at the Nook Store. Smashwords this evening or (more likely) tomorrow. And in general, I'm trying to not be obnoxious about the whole thing. ;-)

    Now to see if I can get Mason to take his nap…

  6. Hi, all. Maddie is with me. Not very happy and neither is Shadow but she is here. I know it will all go well in time - right now I am just enjoying her being here.

    Maria, you have an open invitation to visit, only subject to my being free. Just let me know when you feel up to it. I LOVE having you here.

    Larry, congratulations on the launch! Very excited to be getting the book. (Though I am waiting for the coupon!)

    Andi, I am glad you were not powerless for long. And I hope it is something that is now permanently fixed.

    Jen, congratulations on the rain and hope you are soon up to 3 stars!

    The household is tired but happy here.

  7. Andi, love the shelves pics link. Shiny!

    Maria, hooray for functioning lungs. My asthma diagnosis and meds have been life changing.

    The first wall of shelves is in, and looking good. Decided to bite the bullet and pull the old rack shelves off the upper wall on the other side and do the customs all the way up, which adds another 24 feet, but it's replacing maybe 18 feet, so not a huge net gain, but it'll still look good. Hopefully this'll do us for a decade or so before I have to build any more. This'll bring us up to something like 400 linear feet of bookshelves, which is kind of terrifying when you think of it. I'll post pics when it's all done.

    Jen, kitten nursery/library sounds like my idea of a perfect room.

  8. Farf, no rain here. In fact it's super hot. Portland is hotter than southern Oregon which is unreal.

    Too. Damn. Hot.

  9. Well it was a twofer day -- lost power again at 3:50 p.m. No connection to the first outage -- it's just part of the joys of country living.

    Having the generator is nice, Jen. We didn't put in one large enougn to do the whole house (e.g., no a/c and no stove) but it's still great having lights, fridge, computer, etc. Also -- you go girl and get those three stars!

    They aren't prickly, Larry. They're soft. We got a little rain here but it's way too little and way too late to matter much to the woods. Self-interested question: Are you going to do a book for iTunes?

    Dina, I hope the kitties are becoming simpatico. As for the power outages, they are a tradeoff for living in the woods so I don't think I'd like a permanent fix. ;)

    Looking forward to those pics, Kelly. As for 400 ft being terrifying -- I'd say it's more like happifying (to invent a word for having lots and lots of books).

    Long hot summer, Janet, pretty much everywhere. I don't think I've ever hated a summer as much as this one. We're setting records for number of days above 90 and above 100. Yuck.

  10. Larry, congrats on the book drop!

  11. We're going to be in the triple digits here in Portland, Beaverton for two days in a row. I guess that's some record. Even the Pacific Northwest is feeling drought conditions.

    But I do have to say, I think global warming and science deniers are just as bad as the delayers. I gather it's too late to turn this boat around. We had a chance in the 70s 80s but we were too stupid. So what do we do now? Just use it all up till it's all gone? What do you do when your planet is having a fever and it's going to rid it's self of it's infection - us.

    I wish the idiots had called it extreme weather or something like that...

    Wayne said the old people on his route were just miserable with the heat. They have a harder time with it he thinks. You can really tell a lot from a nation by how it treats it's animals, elderly and disabled and this country just plain ass sucks on that count. Nevermind how we treat out children.

    chit chat...

    Instead of a dinner, if you could have a long weekend with someone who would that be? I think I would like to have had it with George Harrison. Just no three day chanting, please.

    Or Neil Gaiman - we'd have to stop by and see his BRILLIANT neighbor of courss! Or Peter Himmelman, however I have met him several times and he's my favorite artist/singer/songwriter.

    However... that goes without saying that I would love to spend a Bloggy weekend with you guys. Camping out in the back 40 of Andi and Jim's place. Like a 40 Acroes Retreat ... more or less. No more sleeping on the ground though for me, I'd need a cot. :)

  12. Hey all, thanks much. I'll be working on Smashwords today, so the coupon is coming. That's how it'll end up in the iBooks store too. Looks like B&N will take a few days while they verify my info.

    We have a 70% chance of rain tomorrow, but I'll have to take the motorbike to make sure it happens.

  13. I want mine autographed and hand delivered the next time you are in Beave-ton :)

    I'll even pay for it and buy you a drink :)


    Just bought myself the Old Town 12 ft dirigo kayak. Cost me about 15 cartons of cigs had I still been smoking the cancer sticks.

    And I can't commit mass murder with my purchase or my sport. Walked out of yoga to hear of another tragedy that didn't have to happen at all. I hate guns. Period.