Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Take a Peek

Taken July 13, 2012.

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  1. Their excitement when it landed, Maria, was almost as good as the pictures.

    I wish I'd thought to keep track of all the weird crap we've found, Larry, but I didn't but there's still plenty to go so I'll keep track now. So far the thing that weirded me out the most was my step-father's drivers license -- he died in 2000 and he hadn't driven for about 8-10 years before that.

    No clean out today (whew), Candis, just organizing at and errands for the new place. And glad you stuck (oops, too much olympics) that comment.

    Yeah for little kitty steps, Dina.

    Storms every day. Sigh. Beth, right now that would be the most beautiful sentence I could say. Glad you're having happy times. Jacksonville? Can't say I found it very appealing, except for the big, gorgeous Dames Point Bridge.

  2. Morning, gang.

    Getting ready to go to the mimes, which is all I can say about this morning, since it began by my having to clean up kitty barf. Not optimal.

    Wishing everyone a great day!

  3. Hey all, just in & out this morning, gotta scoot!

  4. Andi, are you going to have the professionals come do the after-cleaning at your mom's place so you can get some rest? /is worried about you even though you are in better shape than I have been in since I was like 15.

    Yesterday was our Homecoming at church

    I know enough about church to know this is not about football, but the first thing that popped into my mind is how much more boring football would be if Jesus played it. "And it's another touchdown for The Son of God, and another choir of angels descending from the sky, and oh look the water cooler is full of wine again." Heh, I hope baby boy's nose is feeling better by now.

    Maria, I used to tell people that they'll know they're ready to get a cat when they come to feel that they don't spend nearly enough time examining the carpet and wondering if the stains are from barf or poo. Mine always make that damn noise at 3am -- which, apparently, is The Barfing Hour -- and I bolt up out of bed like the Russians and the Cubans are coordinating a paratroop invasion. (/Red Dawn) I sincerely hope the rest of your day rises above the kick-off barf. :)

    Poor Madeleine with her conehead! Cats always look so sad in those things, I'm glad she didn't have to suffer such an indignity for very long.

    Happy day after your holiday, Candis. :)

    Wishing safe travels to Beth, as always, wherever she may roam/move/stay/visit/lounge/float/find love/get a dog/camp out a while/found a new nation/yadayada...

    And best wishes to all!

  5. Hi, all. I share the cat pain, Maria. Maddie has discovered that she can fit behind my computer desk and I fear she will never come out. Sigh.

    Everyone have a good Tuesday with no barf, no pain and no any other bad thing!

  6. Jeebus Jen! I almost peed my panties from laughing so hard from your post. Whewwwww. That was a good belly laugh. Now off to work.. ho hum.

    ((((Dina)))))) Maddie will come out eventually. I had a cat stay under a dresser for three days. He had just been rescued, declawed and vaxed. He wasn't happy at all. We had Jack for 9 years. He was a crazy ass cat but very loyal and loving. And he never hid under the dresser again. But he did have a thing for stealing fruit off the counter. Even cantaloupe. He made yum yum noises when he ate.

  7. I have been all over the place, haven't I, Jen? Although this past year I physically stayed in one spot. Just had a few man problems...maybe next year I'll live a more normal life!

    No, J'ville isn't that wonderful, andi. But Mandarin is pretty rural, way on the southwest edge of town. I don't go into the city proper myself- stay out by the beaches or in Mandarin. It's a huge rambling place. I have been near the Dames Point Bridge, at a little funky fishcamp below it, listening to music, but haven't actually crossed the bridge. The best point about Jax is that it's only 1/2 hour from St Augustine. :)

  8. Oh, you know what? I'm heading north for vacay this weekend. Fs, if you're not tied up with Mom's old place (or something else), I'd like to say hi. Just me this time.

    Jen, preachers these days like to use this meme about going to a ballgame and cheering excitedly, then sitting quiet in church. Every time they go there, I get this mental image of five beefy guys, shirtless, in the Amen Pew (aka front row), each with one letter of "JESUS" painted on their chests… and at least two of them holding a beer can… BTW, Mason's nose is fine. He just gets nosebleeds on occasion, not sure exactly what triggers them at night (overheating can trigger one in the daytime). Daughter Dearest did the same thing. Funny, he's more like her than The Boy in a lot of ways.

    Dina, Maddie will get hungry or need to use the litter box sooner or later!

    Janet, I'd never heard of a cat swiping fruit. But the in-laws did have a dog who liked Brazil nuts.

    OK, time to point the car toward home. Day 4 of the book languishing in the back of the Nook store "pending account approval." And now you know why Amazon is winning the eBook war.