Saturday, August 25, 2012

Swept Away

Taken August 3, 2012.

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  1. Jen, your wish must have paid off because we got the condo is all cleaned out ... but not without yielding one last treasure: a certificate from 1930 congratulating my mom for her perfect attendance in the second grade.

    Cleaned out isn't precisely true, though, as we have a two garage full of stuff to be given away to Goodwill (we hope).

    Hey Maria, that garage includes a bed frame, 2 box springs, and 2 mattresses. Too bad you already bought yours as I'm sure you have wanted them for their historical interest. ;)

    Great news on the kitty dentent, Dina.

  2. Owie, owie, owie. I think I hurt all the things! The declutter/reorg has turned into a much bigger project as I'm taking advantage of the new bed delivery to move some shelves around and really purge some things. Yes, I am a bit of a nutter. I blame the fact that the sun's in Virgo now and that overwhelming need for us Virgo's to organize has raised it's nasty little head.

    I've managed to clear out 4 of 8 desk drawers, empty 4 shelves and fill up a bout 8 bags of stuff to be donated and several more bags of trash. How on EARTH do I collect all this detritus? Sigh. Still a lot to do, but this is more than a 1 weekend project. Today is all about moving the shelves to where they will next live, stripping down the futon so the new bed can take it's place and stacking up the donation bags so I don't trip over the darned things.

    Andi, hahaha! Garages are insidious, IMHO, they breed junk. Though, finding the certificate is really cool!

    Happy Saturday, all!

  3. Clearing out feels good, once it's done. It's the process that's grueling! Especially when you're clearing out your own stuff, and have emotional ties to inanimate objects.....

    Heading to Idaho for a week - if I were driving I'd stop and see y'all, but I'm flying, so will wave as I zoom overhead. As much as I'm looking forward to being "home," I'm dreading leaving my new FL home. Road Warrior Beth seems to have vanished forever.

    Glad you and Larry had a good visit, andi! Enjoy the new bed, Maria.

    Have a great week - I'll check in whenever I get online, but don't have plans to do much of it. Unwired for a week is not a bad thing!

    Off to Orlando to catch my flight - and to escape Isaac! Although truth be told, I love crazy weather, and am sorry that I'll miss the wind and rain. We're not supposed to get much of it here. Guess I should be glad I haven't followed my dreams and moved to the Keys yet...

    Happy weekend!

  4. Morning! I am home. I hit Columbus around 4 yesterday, so figured I could get a few more hours in after supper then get home earlier the next day (i.e. yesterday). That worked out… I got to Bowling Green KY before I got tired and woke up bright & way too early the next morning. I got some hotel breakfast, then pooted around for about an hour to let Nashville's rush hour finish clearing out.

    Arrived at 4:30, nobody at the manor, so I unloaded the car and put stuff away. Then the others arrived, and I spent the next hour with Mason before we got some supper. I wonder if he'll remember this morning, that he wanted me to take him to the park. Maybe we can find an open field for him to kick his ball around.

    Andi, that house cleaning has been quite a project, huh? Thanks to you & JimF for the breakfast and dinner, and the company. It was a nice break both times.

    Dina, yay for kitties adjusting.

    Maria, think how well you'll sleep in that bed tonight! ;-)

    Beth, have a safe and fun flight. I had intermittent net access on my phone while at my Dad's place, which can be more frustrating than none at all (although it behaved well when I needed to pull up a map to get Dad a rental car). Mostly, I let the computer sleep and handwrote.

    I'm about three scenes short of a 0.8th draft of Pickups and Pestilence (meaning there's stuff to fill in but the most important things will be done). I need to force myself to write the next one, which means it will suck, but it'll get revised eleventy-umpt times anyway. I just have to keep telling myself that, I guess.

    To echo Beth, happy weekend!

  5. a certificate from 1930 congratulating my mom for her perfect attendance in the second grade

    A belated congratulations to your industrious seven-year-old mother! That's a pretty big accomplishment when you consider that the talkies were just coming out so she'd have had somewhere else fun and interesting to go, heh.

    Maria, I've been in semi-nutter mode as well, compulsively peeling the wallpaper off the guest bathroom walls for the past several days. It's the only bathroom we didn't remodel when we moved in and apparently I am displeased on some interior level with it. Fall will hopefully see it painted and re-floored, but I ain't doin' new fixtures now. /famous last words

    Safe travels to Beth and sloppy toddler-kisses welcome home to Larry. :) Hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you're up to.

  6. Maybe a soothing hot bath, Maria? Also, I have to defend the overstuffed garage -- it isn't its fault. What's in there is everything that was too good to throwaway and wouldn't fit into her new apartment.

    Oh boy, Idaho! I'm very jealous. Have a great time, Beth.

    Glad you are home all safe and sound, Larry. We really enjoyed our time with you. And thanks for sharing the pictures of the Meijer gardens with us. So cool.

    Since, Jen, she had missed the cutoff for starting 1st grade (it was in September then and her birthday is in October), she was actually an oldster of 8 -- so obviously she was suitably mature about her educational responsibilities. ;)

  7. Been kayaking and yoga-ing my butt off. Love it! :) Went to ReRack in North PDX and bought a Thule 2 Kayak Jrack system for the 2-door Honda Civic. It's quite the sight. Bit out of Road Warrior. LOL

    But now the "check engine" light is on the car and it's probably some sensor thing that will cost us half a grand... If it ain't one thing, it's another. I hate cars.

  8. Bummer on the car, Janet, but the kayaking sounds wonderful.

  9. Car light meant we need to go do an emissions test. B.F.D. Had us all worried. What a crock. But fortunately it times with when we have to get the car re-registered.

    Why is it that Rapepublicans (what I'm going to call them from now on for all time) anyways, why is it that they don't mind me having to insure my car but when it comes to PEOPLE being insured, they freak out?

    Yesterday, we did almost 8 miles along the Tualtin. We put in along HWY 99W instead of Cook Park and we ended up going through the Bird Wildlife Refuge area. Very pretty. But there was alot of water bottles floating in there. Sad. 1. That there's litter. 2. That people are still buying stupid bottled water.... in plastic containers, no less. Guh.

    So I came home, smoked a J and worked out in the garden. Finally have some tomatoes growing! First time ever. One year, I did get three but they stayed green. Washed off the kayak which is very therapeutic in it's own right.

    Off to do some yoga. Ciao for niao.

  10. Mason's napping. Ssshhhh! Need to post some of my vacation pics. I found I didn't give Dad the spare house key, so I'll send it with a couple shots I need to print out for him.

    Jen, I've done the wallpaper-peeling thing. Turned out to be two or three layers when all was said and done. Should have listened to the wife & just painted over it.

    Janet, whew! about the car. Can you shoot a pic of the carrier? One of the local outdoor stores is selling some used kayaks weekend after next, and they have several of the kind my brother loaned me. So… $450 for the molded plastic, who-knows for paddle & life vest(s), carrier, etc. Cha-ching! But it'll be something I can paddle Mason around on the pond with, and maybe even fish off of. There's a couple small rivers around here too. If I take a mid-week sanity day, I could maybe take it to Lake Lanier while the drunken powerboaters are elsewhere. :-P

    Stay chill (or warm, as desired)!