Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seldom Scene

Taken July 14, 2012.

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  1. Oh barf, Maria. :(

    Larry, we are going to be up at mom's on Saturday but we'll be here on Sunday and if that's when you are going by, we'd love to meet you somewhere.

    Don't worry about me, Jen. We'll be doing the cleaning up ourselves but there are 3 sisters, 2 b-i-ls, and 4 grandkids to share the "fun".

    I'm sure for the right treat, Dina, you can get her to come out.

    Howdy Janet. Too bad that was before youtube days -- you could have made a great viral video of a cat eating cantaloupe.

    Well okay, Beth. That doesn't sound too bad. If you decide to move there, hope you find a great place.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Midway through the week and things are good. Hoping to keep everything on even keel for the rest of the week as I survive the August swamp weather.

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Well Andi, now I just want to come and make food for all of you. :) Last night I made a delicious cabbage soup with carrots, potato, garlic, onion and beefy-tomato broth. With some homemade olive oil bread, it's pretty good eats. Hope the work goes easy and fast and that Mom is happy in her new place.

    My best wishes to you all, as always.

  4. Hi, all. Maddie is no longer behind the computer desk. She is now hiding behind my bookcase. This is better because I can get her out if she is stuck. Something I could not do with the computer desk.

    Larry, bought the book! Very excited about it. Thanks for the discount.

    Everyone, have a good Wednesday.

  5. Howdy all!

    Andi, Sunday morning-ish sounds good. We can work out details in the email.

    Maria, may your keel stay even!

    Sounds yummy, Jen. You sound even better, feeling pretty good?

    Hey look, I finally got Smashwords done! I had to get on the phone with B&N, turned out I didn't enter my mailing address just right so things got hung. Here's hoping they're straightened out now…