Thursday, August 23, 2012

Round About

Taken August 1, 2012.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Thank the FSM for duct tape, Maria ... saves the day (and the night) till the new bed frame arrives. :)

    I hope we're going to get see some of photo of those sculpture tomorrow at breakfast, Larry. Safe journey today.

    Chilling out with the kitty sounds like a fine way to spend the day, Dina.

    Maybe, Janet, they're just trying to give him lots of material so he won't be stressed when he returns.

  2. So, the new bed frame - ain't gonna happen. A bit of a problem with the vendor (wasn't Amazon per se, but a 3rd party vendor). I think the universe is pointing me towards the big girl bed after all. Sigh.

    Busy mimes today. Whee?

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Happy Thursday, all.

    Nothing much to report here except that Maddie almost invited me to pet her last night!

    Maria, good luck with the bed hunting.

    Great picture, Andi.

    Enjoy all.

  4. Fourth time trying to get this to post:

    Love the layers of light in this photo Andi. Beautiful.