Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rising Light

Taken August 7, 2012.

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  1. Morning, gang! It's my Friday & I'll work @ home if I want to... ::g::

    Still need to do a bit more declutter before the junk haulers come in the morning, so I'm doing an earlier shift today. Whee?

    I'll be so glad when my place is tidy again!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Morning Maria. Think how nice it will be when all that junk is gone.

    Well geezer moment for me -- I totally thought I'd already commented this morning. My excuse is that I'm distracted -- we're heading for NYC first thing tomorrow morning for my niece's wedding this weekend and I've got tons to do and I'm also spending time worrying about the dogs getting trounced with Isaac-generated rain (while being happy at the idea of all that rain).

  3. Hi, all. Andi, I live 30 miles outside of NYC. If you have any free time, let me know.

    Maria, I am so impressed with you - wanna come here and declutter me??

  4. Dina, that would be great but my niece has just about every second organized so I don't think we would have time to get to NJ. Or were you thinking of coming to the city? I know we're going to be at Sheep's Meadow for a picnic Saturday afternoon so we could do some sort of meetup during that.

  5. I wish I could, Andi, but I am very restricted on mobility and something like Sheep's Meadow is just not doable.

    I can make it into the city if there is parking near where ever we could meet. Though I did figure you were heavily scheduled.

  6. My ignorance of the city is a problem -- I don't know where there is parking. I'm also afraid to make plans because we've got our 90-year-old mom with us and I don't know that I'll be able to leave her so I guess this will have to be an opportunity missed. :(

  7. Hey all! Love how the foliage glows in this shot…

    Virtual Friday for Maria! Hooray! Good luck with the decluttering. I need to do some of that.

    Dina, I hope you can meet up with the Fs while they're in NYC. They're cool people.

    Conference call time… bleah.

  8. Andi, let me know next time you are in the area. Hopefully things will come together then.