Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Pine So

All taken July 19, 2012
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  1. Sounds like pretty good progress to me, Dina.

    Howdy, Mary. Have you been having the same cooler weather we have? We haven't had the a/c on 4 days and it's been wonderful.

    Come on down any time, Candis.

  2. I see coolness in them trees.

    Working @ the mimes from home today. Looking forward to fall. Still rather warm/humid here.

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Hey Janet, is Wayne building one of these?

  4. Hi, all. Andi, progress is being made. Jim, that makes me shutter just looking at it. Claustrophobia kicking in,

    We have rain today. Hopefully it will clear before I need to go out this afternoon.

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Jim, ooooh that's pretty cool. I do know that Wayne reads that particular blog. He does want to tour on his bike.

    Mary, thank you for the info. I will read it. My personal librarian :) We finished the Pyramid Code and it was talking about history and how chronology of things has been misunderstood but that the specialists can't bring themselves to change it. After Danni read Zinn's A People's US History, she's realized that most of what is written in history is pure bull. Listen to a few songs of Buffy St. Claire and you realize that we "white man" weren't too different from the Nazis. And we still lie about the Native Americans.

    We are headed back into a Dark Age. But if the natural disasters, the pollution, the wars, the needless killings, the economy don't kill us off - then we might see a beautiful age come about.

    So Paul Ryan is the VP choice. Figures. SOB worked for Sen Brownback - you remember that guy right? Only virgin Christian women who fight to the death can be victims of rape. The rest of us just deserve it. He's the reason I wrote "Let me tell you a story". Ryan, I think is worse. Not only is he pro-rapist and forced birther, he's anti any form of birth control or women making their own health care decisions. The simple fact that he or any of the GOP candidates were on the ticket is a sure sign that this nation is headed downward.

    I have a dear friend who lives in College Station, TX. He teaches at A&M. He's a liberal like me. Says having the Mayor state after such a tragedy that people need MORE guns is making his head spin. "You people need more guns"

    Sorry for the politicizing. But if you're awake, things are kinda scary.

    Garden is starting to feel the burn. We may lose the blueberries.

    My kayak arrived yesterday... as I was stepping into the shower... It's reallly purrrrdy! Very medicinal. Part physical therapy, part meditation. :)