Thursday, August 2, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mine seems to be mostly little uninvited guests.

Taken July 11, 2012.

Click image to see larger version


  1. And yesterday it was full of little gray mushrooms. But there is some basil growing.

    And now it's Thursday, Maria, and the weekend is winking at you. :)

    Great progress, Larry.

    I never thought I'd be jealous of the temps in Florida, Beth. But it's nice that someone is having decent weather.

    Gonna be around 100 here today, Dina. Not sure I can manage cool. :(

    You can say you have a crush on anyone you want, Janet. Of course, we reserve the right to tease you about your choices (though probably not John Stewart). :)

  2. Rain rain please come today
    we can't eat corn any other way.

  3. Wheee!! New Doctor Who trailer has landed and it's fab.

    I'm ready for the weekend, even though it involves a visit to the vampires (aka blood lab) and check in with the lung doc.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Yallo! Looks like a pea of some short, the way the leaves are cupped. Like puppies, all plants are cute when they're so little. ;-) I think we got some rain last night, but I slept right through it. Wife said it got noisy. Most of the rain we get is little spits & sprinkles, not enough to really keep things properly moist, although we did get good rain night before last.

    Janet, I forgot to mention the Ark of the Covenant yesterday. Its construction (gold inside & out) suggests it would have been a formidable capacitor (just touching the thing could kill you, as described in 2nd Samuel 6:6-7). The drawings I've seen of the cherubim on top suggest that their wings were pointy, so they would have easily collected static charges in that dry climate. At least that one is well-documented. :-) I could imagine it would have made quite a show in combat, what with dust drawing sparks & getting ignited…

    Good luck with the vampires, Maria! Hey… here's an idea. Adam gives Keira a puppy. You could call it Blood Lab! :-D

    Mucho White Pickups progress last night, blew through Chapter 8 (page 240 of 442). Well over halfway now, even with my planned lunchtime edit session getting wifed out. If I can get both lunch and evening today, I'll have all Friday evening to format. IIRC, I got Scrivener to behave & produce a properly-formatting MOBI a while back, so that shouldn't slow me down much. Might take the weekend to get a DOC file right for Smashwords though. Then it's snicker sit back snort and watch giggle the money roll in BWAAAAAAHHH HAHAHAHAAAAA.

  5. That last sentence makes me think Farf morphed into Romneybot! :)

  6. Hey, those look like the little peanut (I didn't say, "penis") plants that the squirrels have planted all around my place.

    You say, "Wait, I have peanuts in my mouth!" just one time while playing Rock Band with your family and due to the fact that you said, "Wait, I have peanuts in my mouth!" while having a mouth full of peanuts, it came out sounding to all, "Wait! I have penis in my mouth"...

    I can't say Peanuts around here anymore without someone acting like I said PENIS...

    Dontcha just love my family?? :) They are so supportive and loving and a bunch of buttheads. :) That now I can't even type the word peanuts without looking over my shoulder expecting some goofball to say... "she said PENIS".

    Luckily no one here works at the Peanut Mines :)

    I can just see it now, "penis mimes"...

  7. Great video for Thursday to bring a smile to your faces.

  8. Heyo, all. Spent my day on doing house things. The back stairwell is going to look pretty bloody awesome once this is all done with all new trim and 92 feet of custom bookshelves, but man it's a load of work. Going to thud now.


  9. Just realized I never posted yesterday. I am in deep envy of Kelly and the 92 feet of custom bookshelves.