Friday, August 3, 2012

Dry as Drought

Taken July 13, 2012.

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  1. Back up to my mom's yesterday for another session of finding crap to throw out -- my favorites were the dozens of golf tees (she hasn't played in a couple of decades) and piles of announcements from the condo association board meetings dating back to 1991.

    And I shouldn't have said anything about the basil because when we went out to water the garden, something had eaten them. :(

    Did it work, Jen? I hope so.

    I'm ready for the new season, Maria, but a little sad that Rory and Amy will be going.

    Well I'll be buying it, Larry, and just as I thought about my purchases of Nancy's, Kelly's, and Maria's books, I'm sure the royalties from that will make you rich. ;)

    Janet, I have only one thing to say to you: PPPPPEEENNNIISSS. :P

    Wow, 92 feet of books -- that'll be gorgeous. Have you ever been to this site [LINK]? I love it; I never get tired of looking at other peoples's bookshelves.

  2. Sad creek. :(

    We're less droughtful than soggy. Rain every night this week. I'm okay with that. Temps are beginning to ease and the long term forecast for August is actually way cooler than July. Yippee!!

    I am attempting to remain awake. Kitty had a restless night, aka climbing all over me throughout the wee hours. I would love nothing more than to go back to bed for a couple of hours, but alas, I must away to the vampire den for blood draw. And no, Larry, there will be no vampire pet dogs. ::g::

    Happy Friday!

  3. Sadly, Andi, we did not get any rain. We're having to use the hose on the trees so we don't lose them.

    92 feet of custom bookshelves

    As soon as it cools off, we're converting the kitten nursery into a library, and you are HIRED, good sir. ;)

  4. Happy Friday to everyone. Tomorrow or Sunday I should be able to finally pick up Madeleine and the household will once again have its full regiment of cats.

  5. More book shelf porn of the "old school" variety.

    My favorite is the Trinity College, Dublin, Long Room.

  6. Hey-yo! The rocky path looks pretty, until you realize it's a dried-up creek. :-( There's a spring in our pasture somewhere that usually doesn't spring, but there's supposed to be an ancient well if it hasn't been filled in. Anyway, in really wet months, it "springs" to life and sends a thin stream down the pasture. That usually happens only during an El Niño, so I call it El Niño Spring. Like Jen, we aren't getting rain either. It keeps threatening, but anything we get is just enough to settle the dust.

    Janet, if I'm a Romneybot, he's in big trouble because I'm voting for the other guy! :-D

    92 feet of custom bookshelves. So cool. I wish I had that kind of space devoted to bookshelves. I wanted to convert The Boy's room into a library, but the wife kept throwing wrenches until I gave up. Eh, that's what Kindles are for. Too bad I can't stuff my old paperbacks in there.

    Down to the last two chapters, 54 pages, and then it's format/examine/curse/reformat/repeat. :-P After some unknown number of iterations, I'll fire the Launch Cannon then check the mirror to see if I have any hair left! (Actually, I kind of think I already have the formatting worked out, seems like I got it right while waiting for these final edits to come in.)

    Weekend is coming up, for those who don't live in a free-range insane asylum!

  7. Woohoo!! Great news. My lungs are way better. I've got 2 borderline inflamed lymph nodes and 2 tiny (4mm) pulmonary nodules which the doc says are probably nothing. He's weaning me off the prednisone, going down to 5mg/day from 10. Blood pressure was 118/46 and all is well. WHEEE!!!

    The fibro is still kicking my ass, albeit a bit more gently than before, but at least the sarcoid is in remission.

    On that note, I think it's time for lunch.

  8. 92 ft of bookshelves. Wow. I'm panting with envy. Wayne one time built a custom entertainment center. It was ginormous! He built it indoors and when we were moving we couldn't get it out. It was big and chunky. I told him that if I wanted to have married a carpenter that it would have been Jesus. :)

    Farf, oh I know. Now we tease Wes a bit when he speaks with no intonation that he's being Romneybot.

    Dina, Purrrrr-ay!

    sorry to hear you're all inflammy, Maria. My ear infection is coming to a head. Was a nasty one for an outtie. Went down my lymph node as well. I am the reason we're not going to the Oregon Aquarium down in Newport today. Hairy, evil eyeballs are looking at me with slight contempt.

    Andi, I had a dream last night about my Mom. I was up at the Rednecks and having to take her to her sisters and she was all mad because I was also using that time to run errands like take glass bottles to the center. Weird dream. I haven't really dreamed of her much. But I did find a teacup set that one of her sisters wants one of the cups. My brother doesn't want to split up a set. Me... I don't care. It's just a damn tea cup that no one has used in probably 80 years. It's just been in boxes. Such a waste of an item and storage.


    I'm going to try to get to yoga today. I can tell it's helping because if I don't go I get all haggard like and start kinking up and feeling all hunched over and mean. :) I love yoga. But ... there's all kinds of yoga. It's like pizza. There's different kinds and you can't judge all pizza by some crappy kind you once ate out of a freezer. I go to one in Portland called Ombase. Uber cool. Gotta be if it keeps me so happy and returning. Because I am the woman who HATE exercise.

    Oh... I'm getting an Old Town kayak! Cost me 15 carton of cigarettes. I'm not sure how long it's been since I quit. Been at least 14 years if not more. I quit counting the hours after 2 years LOL. So this is my gift to my health. Doc and Yogi said it shouldn't hurt my sternum as long as I stay in calm waters. It's for lakes, rivers and even the sea. I like it cuz it's blue :)