Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bright Spots

Taken July 17, 2012.

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  1. Maria, Sniff used to wake me up by jumping on me and energetically licking my nose so I sympathize.

    That photo is from 3 weeks ago, Larry, but there's still a few q-a-l flowers around.

    Great that you got rain, Jen. We got some too but not as much as you. I'll take whatever we can get, though.

    We put out an old dutch oven with some bricks in it for the birds, Janet, because of the drought. The squirrels and chipmunks seem to like it as well as the birds.

  2. Morning! That's a cool shot, love how the few leaves stand out from the shade they're giving.

    Janet, I can imagine that corn-based products are especially going to jump. And most meat is corn-based. If the price goes high enough, I could see industrial food switching over to cane sugar (and trumpeting "no high-fructose corn syrup!!!!") which would run up the price of sugar. Ethanol, which is 20% of most of our gasoline… it goes on & on. (Actually, removing ethanol would slightly lower the price of gasoline, since it costs more to produce.)

    I'm mostly packed, but trying to get a few social things dealt with before I go. White Pickups is now a Nook eBook, and it sailed through Smashwords Premium so it should be hitting Apple/Sony/Kobo before long. And of course, now that I'm about to travel, it's started raining. I *knew* I could get it to rain somehow!

  3. Halllooooo!

    Thanks for all the kind words on the shelves, which are currently full, but only until after my birthday party at which point anything on the bottom forty feet that didn't get snarfed up by guests goes to charity. Andi, there's a ladder nearby, and we're thinking of getting one of those Franklin chairs that unfolds into a step ladder as well. Even without that though, most of the book are accessible from the ledge the bannisters are attached to. A bit precarious, but not too bad for now.

  4. Hi, all. We had thunderstorms yesterday and a bit of rain today. Hopefully it will help around here.

    Quiet day which I like. Hope everyone else has a good day.

  5. Hi all. Jim and are meeting Larry for breakfast this morning so we've get a good day ahead. Hope you all do too.

    Spent yesterday up at my mom's. Oy. We've still got a good bit to go but I think we may have found Larry's request for the weirdest thing. We opened an big old cedar chest that my mom hadn't been able to open for years because she couldn't find the key. It turned out to be almost entirely empty except fir had some loose papers, a small oblong metal box that had some letters from the 30s and 40s in it, and ta dum some very, very old dentures just lying on the bottom.

    Not the weirdest but perhaps the most emblematic of my mom's inability to get rid of anything: my youngest sister found her old ballet slippers ... which she last used 44 years ago.

  6. Oh I hope I still have my cutesy little ballet flats 44 years from whenever is the last time I wear them. It's important to have goals in life. Hope everyone had a lovely breakfast! :)

  7. Breakfast was wonderful! I came over to the hotel next door to scarf their wifi & load the maps I need to get to The Boy's place… now it's time to scoot!

  8. Breakfast with Larry was great fun.

    Have a safe trip, Larry.

  9. Andi, the trunk might be worth something :)

    Intel had an employee picnic at Oaks Park in PDX. To get there, you have to cross the Sellwood Bridge. It's one of the bridges that is falling down here in Oregon but the Tbaggers are against taxes to keep it from killing people.

    So Wayne's co-workers were JOKING about the instability of the bridge and how they all held their breath as they drove their families over it... and then in the next breath they are talking smack about taxes.

    I'm a Lefty. I believe taxes are an investment in my community, neighborhood and nation. The problem isn't taxes. It's that we aren't getting a good return on our investments due to graft, grifters, greed and waste. Mostly in the form of Corporate Welfare and the MIC. These people just didn't understand it. So all I could do was walk away and let them bleet about how taxed they are. One of the groups in Oregon who don't really have to worry about money.... as much as others ... I wish stupidity hurt. Instantly. :)

    But me and the kids had a good time. I went on a few mild rides. Lewis and Clark ride that didn't have anything about the working woman who actually showed the men the way.

    Bought myself a cool Panama type straw hat that I have curved like a horny banana. Doesn't give me hat hair or make me sweat. Bought it for the water therapy but I got so many "cool hat" yesterday, I think I have a New Hat. My kayak is arriving tomorrow! Oar comes a day later.

    Boxes of books to go through myself. Hardest part of going through my Mom's things. I've got a Sell to Powells box, to read later box, cookbook box, and a box I have no clue for right now...

    How about that Paul Ryan pick... OMFG! At some point there will be a debate about whether or not women should be burned at the stake --- again.

  10. OK, one of the many writers that stop by this blog needs to make a story about that trunk. Dentures!

    Janet - YES the working woman was crucial on that trip and showed those two white Anglos the way. Did they say anything about the French guys who did most of the hard work on the boats? And who, by the way had already explored the Missouri up into what is now the Dakotas? Have you read the series of novels about Marie Dorion, the native american woman who married a French guy and was in the group that eventually settled the Willamette river valley? I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head.

  11. I'd love to read it. My husband may know of it since he reads a ton of books about the Native Americans around here. It was a rickety 5 min ride and Lewis and Clark seemed to be led by a Beagle. At the end they showed an Indian woman smiling near a teepee... It was really dank.