Wednesday, August 1, 2012

All In This Together

Taken July 9, 2012.

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  1. That seems like a doable day-the-way-you-want, Larry. Maybe you can get DD to come home and make it happen.

    Heat relief would be wonderful, Maria. But August doesn't make me feel like it's getting closer; it makes me feel like it will get worse.

    Good news on school, Janet. And taking welding sounds way cool, though maybe a bit dangerous -- be careful.

    Quiet is good, Dina. I'm hoping to go back to my boring ways as soon as we get through clearing out my mom's trash midden ... I mean condo.

  2. Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!!

    August, I really don't like you, but I keep in mind that next month will be cooler.

    Working @ the mimes from home today. Whee.

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Morning all! Around here, August has always been the month when stuff breaks. But the last couple years, July was the bad month & August was relatively mild. Seeing as it's still 73F at 10am here, it might be coming in like a lamb this year as well. But there's another 30 days for it to do its worst. :-P

    Janet, as I recall, there *are* burial chambers in at least the Giza pyramid. That paragon of accuracy, Wikipedia, also says that sarcophagi were placed in most other pyramids as well. It just seems to me that, if the pyramids had some function beyond monumental/ornamental, there would be at least scraps about it in ancient literature and some recognizable control and/or power distribution devices. But they could be right about the labor… the Old Testament mentions "forced labor" in several places, and that was different from slavery. The king could conscript citizens for public works projects, much like drafting people into the army. They had to be fed & paid for their time. Jury duty is probably the closest thing to it today. (Now wouldn't that make wingnut heads spin, getting drafted into Americorps?)

    Now welding sounds cool. I'd like to learn how to weld, it could come in handy some time.

    Hi Maria, I'm miming at home too!

    Got to page 106 (of 442, not 473) of White Pickups last night (first 3 chapters done). I'll knock off a few more pages over lunch, I guess!

  4. Happy Hump Day, indeed. Also working from home, but getting ready to head to Barnes and Noble, for a change of scenery. Walked on the beach for a bit this morning - and slept with the windows open, after the afternoon monsoon cooled down the temps to a balmy 80.

    Wishing rain and heat relief for everyone, but the dogs days of August are aptly named (with my apologies to the pack).

    Hope it's a good day for all -

  5. Happy hump day and happy more of the Affordable Health Care Act goes into effect today.

    Stay cool everyone.

  6. Farf, the scientists aren't sure those are sarcophogi. No decorations. More like big tub/vats. Really neat series. You should check it out. As to the knowledge, it may have been passed down info. Just a few people, shamans, knew how to do it and if they were killed in a war or illness came on quickly.. They did seem to have some knowledge of how to move the stones, cut the stones - in ways that we still can't not do today. An understanding of electricity, earth's natural electrical currents and vibrations. Very cool show. Wayne is very much a critical skeptic and he was very glued to the show.

    Indeed have an ear infection that has me playing peek a boo with vertigo. So just taking it easy.

    Well congrats climate deniers. The United States is officially in a drought zone. You think the cost of food was expensive before... Things are going to get very hard, very surreal and very critical. I always wondered why horrible things were allowed to continue in history. Now I know, money, politics and religion. Wish we could do away with all three.

  7. Can I just say that I absolutely have an over the top crush on Jon Stewart? (tingle)