Tuesday, July 10, 2012

White as Light

Taken June 12, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Their personalities may shine, Maria, but the picture-posing abilities stink. ;)

    Pretty bad, Beth, when I have to be jealous of summer weather in Florida. We are having a break in the heat this week -- just down to the upper 80s. Boy, do I hate thinking of that as a break.

    That's great news on the WP progress, Larry!

    Staying not quite as hot, Dina. And hi to you.

    Too much for you, hardly any for us. This bonkers weather is doing me in, Nicky. You link didn't take me to the actual Lincoln page (try this LINK folks) but the right one showed a fascinating place.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Great news - Blood Bargain audiobook has been accepted by the publisher so now goes to final QA & finishing by the Audible folks. It should be available for sale within the next few weeks. Whee!!

    Planning to start on book 3, Blood Kin over the weekend.

    Cool beans on White Pickups, Larry!

    Bonkers weather is right, Andi. May the climate settle down and we all go back to something resembling what passes for normal. ::g::

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Mornin'. A thunderstorm popped up here, right at midnight, and knocked power out for over an hour. No rain, of course. Today for sure. Or tomorrow. Or some time. :-P

    Well, off to water the plants out front, then the mimes. Later!

  4. Hi, all. Congratulations to Larry and Maria.

    Andi, I am with you - strange to be happy about it being only in the 80s.

    Hoping everyone has a weather break soon.

  5. Big hugs to Larry and Maria!

    The weather here is ruining crops. Farmers and workers are hurting. I just hope this is sinking in for all those science denying right wingers.

  6. Congrats writers!

    Don't worry everyone it'll probably be fifty below zero for most of the winter so everything will even out. /snark font

  7. Larry I hope you get some rain soon. We had a nice soak on Sunday night. But that probably will be it for a while. BUT it's cooler! Low 90's!

    The only good thing about the heat wave was that I was forced to stay inside and that gave me time to read. Still working on my summer project to read all the Game of Thrones books - I'm almost finished with book 4 and I just realized that the next one isn't out in paperback yet. I really don't want to lug around a 700 page hardback. So I might take a break and finish the project later.

    Now that it's cool(er)I'd like to spend more time in my yard but it has been invaded by GIANT wasps that appear to burrow in the groud. The exterminator is coming on Thursday.