Friday, July 20, 2012

Tulip Tree To Be

If it can survive the drought.

Taken June 27, 2012.

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  1. We got a little more rain, Beth, but we need lots more so please keep on hoping. :)

    Happy Already Weekend, Maria.

    Great news on the progress, Larry. Can't wait to hear that cannon boom (I wouldn't mind some booming of my own as long it was thunder accompanying rain).

    Howdy Dina.

    That's really nice you got to work with your former secretary again, Mary, despite the circumstances that brought it about.

    Hi Nicky, Hope the weather gods are kind to you and all the Olympic venues.

  2. Yay, weekend!

    Just heard that Blood Bargain (book 2) is now up on or iTunes. Whee!! Now, back to the recording grind for book 3. Though, I will probably not start that one until tomorrow.

    Nice to hear about your secretary, Mary. I agree, being able to synch brains is so important.

    Happy Friday, all!

  3. Yay Mary, got your secretary, I mean LAA, back!

    Good to hear your audiobook is on the boards, Maria! Even better knowing you did the recording. I've always felt that Author Knows Best on audiobooks—who else knows the tone of voice and emphasis put on any given passage, after all—if the voice is suitable. Y'all have heard the expression, "has a face for radio," right? Me, I've got a voice for type. Daughter Dearest has a great voice, but I tried to get her to do a reading for one of the wife's video projects once. No expression. At. All. Need to work on her with that. :-P

    The rain has returned to Planet Georgia, with more to come today. Here's hoping it works its way around to the other places that need it!

  4. Hi, all. I join in the congratulations, Mary. There is nothing like a good LAA to back you up!

    Maria, congrats on the books. Now, if we could only get a new one!!

    Larry, we have rain too and are very happy about it. We need this kind of rain - nice and steady.

    Hi, Andi.

    If anyone is interested, here is a link to the soon to be newest addition to my family:

  5. Not dead yet, just coming down off the crazy and a nasty sinus thing that flattened me. Hallooo to all.