Monday, July 2, 2012

Taking It Lying Down

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  1. Mary and kb, I'm sorry to have made you jealous of our rain but I'm sure not sorry we had it. It was the first rain since June 4th -- so what I'd really like is to make you jealous over and over.

  2. Morning, gang! I am VERY glad to be one of the folks who did NOT lose power all weekend. Tons of people still without which totally sucks because it's been brutally hot. :(

    Working @ the mimes from home today on some documentation.

    Wishing everyone a great Monday.

  3. In & out. It rained a little overnight, not enough to take the edge off the day (topped out at 107F at FAR Manor) but did cool down the night a little. We'll "only" get to 99F today, and more rain is possible. Power held up just fine, but I had a plan if it went out: pack a cooler & go sit in the creek.

    Time to scoot, see ya later!

  4. It's a happy sort of envy, Andi & FAR -- it's actually nice to know that it's raining someplace.

    Here's a question for the group ... first the set up. Last year our cul-de-sac neighbors shot off fireworks for over 2 hours in the middle of the circle, for a while during that time shooting bottle rockets directly at our house (we found fragments all over our patio the next morning). I think they must have been doing it in the rain or mist because I only remember being annoyed, not terrified and I am actually terrified of home fireworks setting our house on fire.

    This year is different. It's so dry 2 apartment buildings burned down yesterday because people didn't completely extinguish cigarettes.

    My question: If they stage this fireworks party again this year should I call the police? Should I confront them? They are not friendly people at all. (maybe the police would actually show up this year -- they're headquarters is just 4 blocks away??)

    This fireworks fear makes the 4th of July my least favorite holiday of the year.

  5. Belated well wishes and hugs for Jen (((Jen))).

    KB, I think I'd call the cops and skip the confrontation. That's not acceptable behavior.

    Working our way through our 3rd round of houseguests in a week and a half at the moment with two more on deck in the next two weeks. That plus book launch and book due and two cons, and book discussions with various folks are very nearly knocking me off the internet entirely. I'm pretending to exist for book launch stuff by posting to facebook and twitter, but I'm really only reading responses there at the moment. Have my 2nd funeral in 2 weeks to go to today as well—saying goodbye sucks. I'm used to managing a good bit of crazy busy, but this is above and beyond and I'm seeing the world as a sort of series of blurry snapshots between the fast bits. Uffda.

    Greetings and hugs all around, folks.

  6. {{Kelly}} I'm so sorry - I'm sending a big hug through this page. (Thank you so much for your advise)

  7. KB, I'd call the fire marshal. To people like that, cops are just a nuisance. But if people with fire hoses show up? It might give them something to consider. Fires do spread, after all (that's how my dad lost his house a few years back, y'all might recall). Your story about the apartments has been my fear: some numbnuts smoker, thinking the whole world is his personal effing ashtray, sets fire to pretty much everything.

  8. Fire Marshal!!! FAR -- that's perfect. !!! Thank you so much.

  9. Hi Maria, Larry kb, Kelly (or the byte in the ether who is posing as him).

    I definitely agree about avoiding confrontation, kb -- way too dangerous. Larry's idea about the fire marshal sounds like a good one to me.

  10. Thanks KMc and right backatcha. Egads, man.

    Katiebird, some of our idiot neighbors threw a 4th party last night and let off a bunch of fireworks in similarly dry conditions. They were shooting solely over their own property, though, so I figured karma would take care of anything that needed taking care of (the fire dept is only five blocks up the road) and fortunately nothing burned down. But the reason I went outside in the first place was because if they had not been shooting over their own house, we were going to call the cops. It's too dry and too dangerous for that nonsense.

    Best wishes to all and stay safe!

  11. KatieBird, call the fire department. We will be this Wednesday if we see the same fireworks. The big ones that explode in the air like the ones you see in parks and cities. Cuhrazy stuff. This neighborhood is so bad with them that a while back the SWAT team was sent in to an apt bldg over illegal fireworks.


    We are trying to get things cleared off more for the fourth of July. Which we have all started to hate. Buggers were blowing things up last night. Sunday night. don't these people work?...

  12. It is so great to have so much support! Thank you Andi & Jen & Janet!!! We've been accepting of a lot of our neighbor's outrageous behavior but the 4th of July fireworks is just too much.

    In other news, we're having a cold snap! It's only 99.5 in the shade of our patio!!

  13. Cool Hand Janet ;)July 2, 2012 at 10:47 PM

    I can hear And's dogs saying, "just rinsing the nipples off, boss! just rinsing em off!"

    ala Shaken the bush, boss :)

  14. Waving to Kelly, and sending ""hang in there" vibes. At least it's good craziness!

    Good luck with the fireworks, KB. And anyone else. With all of the rain we had the last month, our drought has been extinguished. There's still standing water everywhere. The mosquitoes are out in full force. But hopefully, we won't have to worry about fires on Wednesday. I just feel sorry for all of the critters that will be scared senseless.

    Hope the heat breaks soon - glad you didn't lose power, Maria, but I'm sorry for those who did. Way too hot to be w/o A/C right now, ugh.

    Finishing a 15+ hour work day - time to crawl into bed and make like a sleeping dog. Night, all!