Saturday, July 14, 2012

Take the Green Line

Taken June 20, 2012.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better, Maria.

    Larry, like the title says, they just fell over like that. Yay for rain. I wish I could say we got any kind of rain here (or lying about it would make it so).

    That is not exactly an encouraging remembrance of gardens past, Jen.

    I don't know where Larry's last comment went but I got an email with this comment about the white powder in it:

    Just got an email saying the package "was determined not to be of any risk." Too late, I'm home & have all the work stuff set up at home. At least I know if I drive in Monday, I won't have to worry about getting sent right back home. :-P

  2. Fwiw, my intent was more to amuse than to encourage. :) We are finally getting rain today. Not much, but we need every drop. Hope some moisture wicks out of the air over yonder F-way as well.

    Best wishes to all for a great weekend!

  3. Ah, that's an encouraging pic!

    Andi, I saw my comment in yesterday's post. Must have been a Blogger bobble.

    Well, this entire afternoon was shot to hell helping someone move. The trailer that was being abandoned had a nightmare-inducing level of roach infestation. Living in a tent would have been cleaner. But she's moving to Big V's place, so I'm not sure which is worse. Having thoroughly showered, I am now disinfecting my insides.

  4. Larry, good on ya for getting whomever it was out of those conditions, even at some considerable personal hygiene risk. Serves as a reminder to send more money to the food bank, too, thanks.

  5. Larry, cockroaches, powders and moving, OH MY! Glad you are safe. But I must confess, I have nasty phobia about roaches. I hate them. Gurrgglegagllleblech.

    Jen, My garden out front has/will have:
    A row that is muscari and red, white and red/white tulips - from Skagit Valley, WA :)
    3 Lavender- beautifull mounded and will be kept that way. :)
    4 roses
    4 tomato plants. Two big guys and one Pear and one Cherry
    3 differing echinacea plants - which we've decided to make that area larger and let them go nuts.
    then the herbs....
    I have dill, rosemary, serranoe pepper plant (not an herb but oh well) several basils, Thai basil, several cilantro, sage, lots of oregano, garlic and onion chives.
    And one blueberry bush and rhodadenron busy - it's very tiny.

    I can spread the herbs out more as I have a space the size of a quilt still - got the annuals with the perrenials. But still finding out what does what. I was told to plant echinacea with the herbs and allow some of the herbs to flower as that attracts beneficial insects to your garden. The rhoadie allows these little sparrows to hide and if you're patient, you can see them jump out and eat nasty moths, pillars and such. :)

    Next weekend we'll be making our own herbal shampoo - with essential oils not from garden - and some foot bath salts. Wayne just did a soaking last night with a recipe Danni made at my store one day. Epsom salts and Sea salts with Lavender and Clary Sage. Then he towelled off and covered his feet with Almond Oil.

  6. Ugh, just got in from a morning of grocery shopping and shopping at Target for essentials, and it is like a steam bath out there. We still haven't had any additional rain since last weekend. If it isn't going to rain I think I want the 108 degrees back with no humidity. It was hot but it didn't give me headaches.

    I think I'm just in a bad mood because everything I wanted to get done this weekend has turned out harder than anticipated and I keep getting sidetracked with things I didn't plan to do. For instance ... last Wednesday I took my Prius in for 15,000 mile maintenance because when I bought it they gave me two years free maintenance and that was expiring on Thursday. On Thursday night I suddenly realized that my license plates expire in July. The state used to send out renewal cares with instructions but I didn't get one this year - either it got lost in the mail (a real possibility since my post office branch sucks) or the state just didn't' sent it (another real possibility since the state sucks). So Friday morning I went to the license office - which is the crappy badly run place that the state has outsourced to campaign contributors who give a lot of money to the governor, but I digress. It's a real pain not to have the card because you always have to bring so damn much to get your license renewed - two years of personal property tax payment evidence, proof of insurance, a safety inspection, an emissions test certification. Some requirements are waived depending on the age of your car or the county you live in. Since my car was under 5 years old I knew I didn't need a safety inspection. But ... turns out it still needs an emissions test. I found this out after waiting 45 minutes at the license office despite being third in line. IF THE STATE HAD SENT ME A REMINDER I could have gotten the emissions test on Wednesday when it got its maintenance. So I left. So Saturday morning was spent waiting around for emissions testing and then going back to the license office -- which took longer than ever because they discovered that when I came in 2 years ago to pay the sales tax on my car and transfer the registration - the registration was never transferred on the computer (even though I had the receipt in my file showing I paid for the transfer). No big deal, they gave my brand spankin' new license plates so I spent all day yesterday testing myself at odd times to see if I remembered the number :) But thank goodness I wasn't pulled over during that two year period. Then I went over to my parents' house to sweet talk my dad into putting the new plates on my car and ended up visiting with them for an hour that I didn't plan. THEN I started running my Saturday morning errands - at noon. I had to be finished by 2:30 because I had a salon appointment which I was soooo looking forward to at that point. I love getting my hair cut and colored - I find it relaxing. But when I got there my guy had gotten sick and left so it had to be rescheduled for next Saturday.

    This has not been a restful weekend. Janet I need some of your home made spa treatments :)

    And I hate roaches too. Larry you are a hero in my eyes for helping that person out.

  7. (((((Mary))))))) I think you need some of my hard liquor delights :) Sorry about your renewal woes. We learned that the DNV doesn't send out reminders here either. This is what you get when Teahadists battle for "less government". It doesn't mean less govt, just bad govt.

    Makes about two to three good foot soaks:

    1/2 C Epsom Salt
    1/2 C Sea Salt (however... ahem... ALL salt is from the sea :))
    20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
    20 drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil

    Use about 1/2 Cup for hot soak.

    Should put in a glass jar with a tight seal. Ball/Kerr jars. It should smell VERY strong!!! Remember it will be diluted in a hot soak, not scalding. Towell your feet off and coat your feet in some soothing oil/lotion. Can even rub your hands in some olive oil and caress your feetsies.

    Or you can use Peppemint Oil instead of Lav for an invigorating soal. Men.... don't worry about the lavender smell being girly. Lavender is a natural antiseptic. Plus as your feet soak, you get what some of the gypies call, "aroma therapy". While Wayne soaked, Dylan the Cat came up and got in his lap with his face pointed towards the kneecaps - right into the aroma of the soak.

    Then you dump outside, not on your flowers! Or down your garbage disposal. :)

  8. Mary, while we were out doing errands today... we noted that the local RX store had Lavender Epsom Salts in big bags for under 6 bucks.

    Sorry for typos. Just NOW getting food into us at this late time and watching a Giants Baseball game. I'm starting to like baseball since we got the big tv screen LOL.

  9. Morning…

    Wife got a good nap yesterday afternoon, and I dedicated myself to making sure she got as much nap as she needed. That meant fending off in-laws wanting crap, by phone & personal appearance, of course. In between… quality time with the Kindle. Mason woke up when I laughed at a line in the book I was reading, but he'd had a long nap of his own by then. I got a little revising done on paper. Other than an hour at the end of the day, I didn't do much screen time (Kindle doesn't count because it's eInk).

    Off to the mimes. See what happens today. :-D