Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shadow Dance

Taken June 28, 2012.

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  1. Nice to hear your good news, Maria. :)

    Glad your rain is back, Larry. Now you just need to set a good example for Mason and share well with others.

    She looks adorable, Dina. Mazel tov.

    Hope your rise up soon, Kelly.

  2. I had a conversation with a photographer last night about shadows and light - he'd like this picture, andi!

    Not much going on here. Working, mostly. Dinner with a friend tonight. Will spend an hour at a party I don't really want to go to, but my friend will be hurt if I don't go. Not much in a party mood.

    Hope everyone gets the rain they need, and has fun plans for the weekend. I think I need to find some woods to walk in...

  3. Aww, Dina's new furry friend is a cutie-pie darlin-cakes.

    What's rising on Kelly, now? ;p

    We've been getting some light off-and-on rain over the past couple of days. The surrounding region has gotten more. It was overcast and pleasant all day yesterday and I swear all the things that have managed to stay green were sighing with relief. We still have some green cornfields around here but the farmers are working their irrigation systems pretty hard. If winter comes too cold and too early, it's gonna be a tough one.

    But that's tomorrow's problem-set. Today's problem-set thankfully so far only involves determining a breakfast menu. I've got yogurt, bacon, eggs, toast, grits, home fries...or devil's food cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. WHATEVER SHALL I CHOOSE.

    Happy weekend to you all, stay safe.

  4. Beth, I love playing with light and shadow. Here's a shot I was especially happy with that your friend my like [LINK]

    We've had some rain here too, Jen, but not nearly enough and it's already too late for most of the farmers. And wow, that's quite the breakfast menu. :)

  5. Still no rain here but yesterday we were overcast and it was a blessed relief to have a day in the high 80s. A friend of mine had invited a group over for wine and we were able to be outside all evening. It was a delight after being cooped up in air conditioning for 2weeks. Lots and lots of heat related deaths here, I think we topped 20 last week. It is back into the 90s today with triple digits again this week.

    One of the women last night said there hadn't been rain at her family's farm in Poplar Bluff since Memorial day. Fortunately her brother no longer keeps cattle and keeps the land for the forests only which are looking brown and dead. Hopefully some of them went dormant and can come back.

  6. Hi all! I'll be glad to share our rain… having a dry weekend suits me just fine. ;-) That linked pic was definitely cool, too. Around here, it's not uncommon to go six weeks without rain in late summer, and we get severe droughts every seven years on average. The flora has adjusted accordingly, at least the wild flora. You can tell the trees are getting stressed when they turn up the backsides of their leaves, reflecting the sun away and reducing evaporation.

    Sweet kitty, DIna!

    Hi Kelly, goodbye Kelly!

    Mary, that's awful about the heat-related deaths. Makes you wonder how people coped before A/C.

    OK, Mason's not letting me sit & veg… time to do stuff.

  7. Hi, all. Andi, I love this picture and the one you linked to.

    The latest on Maddie is that they are doing blood tests to make sure that she was properly spayed - the second one was being done when I called today. So I should know late today or tomorrow morning when I can pick her up.

    Stay cool, everyone!

  8. We had the same cool down here, Mary, but since it was only one day and then it went right back to hot, it felt a bit like a mean tease.

    I'd hate to have to get used to this, Larry, but after 4 summers of it, I guess it's time to.

    Glad you liked it, Beth (and Larry and Dina).

    I hope the kitty is snuggling up to you very soon, Dina.

  9. Jen, can I plead the fifth on that?

  10. While others are having a drought or flood, we are unable to use our water. e.coli outbreak in our water reservoirs. Which have affected us on the west side of the Willamette. So Portland, Beaverton and Tigard can't drink or use their water.

    This isn't the firs time either. Can't our government protext our water?... Oh yeah..

  11. Yes, it was a very mean tease. I didn't try to plant many flowers this year and most of them are dead now even though I watered them. I'm thinking that when I go on vacation I'm not even going to have anyone water them, I'll just let them die and then in September I'll put in some fall flowers to enjoy until ... oh, maybe December - given the weather maybe until spring. And next year I am talking myself into plastic begonias in my flower boxes - like a little old lady :)

    My pot plants are doing great, which seems odd.

    Good thing about the heat is time to be inside reading. My sister wanted to go see a movie today but I don't see anything new out that I want to see. Not a Batman fan.