Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rocky Road Ahead

... makes us happy.

Taken July 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi Maria, Larry, and Dina. I'm looking forward to a day without trash (except for taking mine out to be picked up). Hope you all have a day that goes the way you want.

  2. A day that goes the way I want? That would be nice. It would also involve everyone going (say, shopping) all day & taking Mason with them.

    Editing White Pickups until I have to take Cousin Splat to his mimes on the way to my own mimes.

  3. Good morning!

    Day 2 back @ the mimes and all is well. I'm ready for heat relief, though. August is tomorrow, so the day is growing closer. ::g::

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Larry, I love the names you give your relatives. Very Addams Familyish.

    Danced with Vertigo a bit yesterday. Last night my good ear blew out. Going to docs today for meddysin.

    Got my college transcripts yesterday during times I wasn't dizzyblind. So I'm admitted to college and just have to meet with my advisor with my transcripts come in. I'm taking writing classes for credit as well as a "zombie survival skill" class. Welding. Sculpture welding that is. But welding would be a good skill to have. Now I can finally make one of those cool wrought iron scarecrows whose head is a jack o lantern.

  5. Renewable, Sustainable Free Energy!

    Been watching a series (5 or 6 eps) on Hulu called Pyramid Code. It talks of the pyramids in ways that I never heard in school. That the pyramids along the Ribbon of Peace are actually energy conductors. Batteries if you will. That the ancients, even in China and South America where other monoliths appear - were possibly due to a ancient "technology" that we have refused to see. We think of past civilizations to be inferior to ourselves but maybe we missed something... Many of the older pyramids are not even guarded. Tons of quartz crystal laying about. But the Giza site has been blocked off now from scientists and tourists due to "security reasons". Fascinating stuff. I was always told the Pyramids were built by slaves as tombs - although not one mummy or burial chamber or even glyphs are found in the pyramids. They are more like "machines". Workers weren't slaves but employees - much like the people who helped build energy producing damns. It was something for the good of everyone.

    It went on to say that Tesla had wanted to create FREE energy for all and that Edison wanted energy for the 1% to make a profit from. JP Morgan dropped Tesla and Tesla died in obscurity.

    Instead of saying Alien technology created all the pyramids and monoliths - it was saying that they, earlier civilizations, understood a technology that we just aren't seeing anymore.

    Great series. Really makes you look at Egypt in a different... light.

    It's like reading Zinn's History of the US. You realize all you didn't know.

  6. Hi, all. The heat has really been getting to me - I hope all of you are keeping cool.

    Very quiet life nowadays and I love it. Boring I am!