Thursday, July 12, 2012

Repetition and Variation

Taken June 13, 2012.

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  1. ... I believe in yesterday.

    Summer colds are the worst, Maria. Feel better soon.

    Hope you get a little more and a little more and a little more until it adds up to a lot, Larry.

    My bubbe never told me anything about temp limitations and she was my expert for everything Evil Eye, Jen. As for the rain forecast, I'm not counting my precip till it's filling my rain gauge.

    Farms are just too demanding for me, Janet, but a nice little vegetable patch sounds awfully good (except for the part where all critters around here eat it all before we get anything).

    Mary, what's on your reading list besides the Game of Thrones books?

  2. ::cough hack cough:: Yup, full blown summer cold here. Decided to take the day off and pamper myself. At the very least, nap in the recliner. I totally blame my coworker, who came into work on Monday sick as a dog and hung out at my area. Ugh.

    At least it's not 105 outside!

    Mary, I did a marathon reading of the first 3 GoT books, then had to stop for a while. So dense. They are fascinating, however. At some point, I'll pick the last 2 back up and finish. Then wait for book 6, whenever that may be.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Maria, hope you feel right as rain soonest. Or at least well enough to begin plotting revenge on the co-worker who caused you to feel badly, heh.

    Mary, good luck with the exterminator. We had one out last year for what I feared was the same problem. I had seen ground holes, and I had seen wasps, but I had not seen the wasps go into the ground holes. At that point I was still mowing the yard, though, and I figured that riding the mower over a wasp nest would make for a bad day.

    So we had a guy out and I explained, "I'm concerned about those ground burrowing wasps, but I am not hip to the difference between a wasp hole and, like, a chipmunk hole, you know?"

    "Oh yeah," he says, "nasty things. Let's see what's in there."

    And then he picks up a stick AND JAMS IT INTO THE HOLE. Fortunately for his employer's insurance carrier, our ground holes were not full of wasps.

    Consider clearing your yard of poking sticks prior to this appointment, I guess, is the moral of my tiny tale of terror. ;)

    Hope you all have a wasp-free day, whatever you're up to.

  4. The rain is light but steady. Hoping it will add up. It *is* kind of dark though.

    Mary, wasps go to bed at sunset unless they have outdoor lights to keep them occupied. Being a pyro at heart, I would watch them go in from a safe distance, then pour a quart of gasoline down the hole & drop in a lit match. FOOM! Burn baby burn! Well, maybe not right now, as dry as it is. (Oh, who am I kidding? I'd just have the water hose at the ready.)

    As for the denialists, I touched on that in my #FridayFlash last week. Any dystopian politics includes an immune system to keep facts from eating at the construct. :-P

    OK, gotta mime away. Mole-zapping at 11. (The skin kind, not the yard kind.)

  5. Going to be away for a few days - don't do anything I wouldn't do!

    Stay cool, healthy (or in Maria's case, get healthy) and wasp free.

  6. Farf, I will have to read that one on my weekend! I'll pretend you wrote it just for me :)

    I almost have all the George Harrison LPs. He is my favorite Beatle. Lennon and Harrison.

    Andi, yeah, a litle patch would be nice. I really think that what this country needs is to simplify and communities need to be more sustainable. Not that we need to go Total Amish, but I think the fact that most of us don't even have a craft, a trade or a skill is becoming our downfall. Which is better than me thinking of civil war and revolution LOL...

    Have to go back east in Sept. I really don't want to go. In laws. Pffft.

  7. I searched my yard carefully and removed all poking sticks before the Wasp-Killer arrived. Then I showed him the flower bed (no flowers - they all died) and assured him that up until Sunday there had been LOTS of wasps. He believed me. And then he put his FINGER down one of the holes. Now granted, he didn't put it down very far but still ... And I immediately thought "Oh I have to tell Jen this!" No wasp stung him. So he poured stuff down all the holes and dusted the weeds (I've been afraid to do anything near that bed for a couple of weeks) with some powdery thing and left. So ... we'll see.

    FarF I'd be afraid to use the gasoline trick but especially since this bed is right up against my house.

    Janet, every time I think I should learn a practical skill like growing vegetables or knitting, and then remember what a brown thumb I have and how I've never been able to keep any stitch straight, I realize that in another era I would be considered worthless.

  8. Here's to hoping Mr. Bravefinger's magic dust does the job!