Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rain Revival

Taken July 1, 2012.

Drought-ridden forest shows gratitude for a surprise rain.
Click image to see larger version


  1. That tree is near the camp lake, Jen, so it's getting water. Most of the trees are pretty sorry looking but only a few have gone brown. Wishing the best for E's dad.

    Nice interview, Larry.

    Yay for regular visits, Kelly. Hope that storms blows by (and drops southeast to bring us some rain).

    Howdy, Mary. I see you're going to be even hotter than we are today. My empathies. :(

  2. ::waves:: Hey, all - been having a tough week with the fibro fatigue & pain. Totally of the suck. :(

    Am up today because I need to go to the mimes.

    Behind on everything, so I hope you are all doing well.

  3. Hi, all. Insomnia fairy is visiting so quick hi, thinking of you, congrats to scatter as appropriate.

  4. Yay, rain!

    Low last night was about 78. Sun's out & bright, so it's going to be a scorcher here if we don't get afternoon cloud cover.

    Been miming away this morning (at home). Mason woke me up at 8:45. "Get up, Granddad!" So I got up and he scowled. "Granddad, you get dressed!" LOL you should have seen the look he gave me.

  5. Looks very lush. I like it.

    Hugs Jen and E.

  6. Heyo. The green looks very like my daily running space. Won't be through tomorrow—got hit with the busy stick—but hoping to stop in again on Friday. Comfort to them what needs it, cheers to those in need of a boost, and happy humpday to all and sundry.

  7. ((((JEN & E))))) Sending Jen some major echinacea vibes so she can keep up her strength.

    I did a lot of humping today at work. Was super busy. Over 10K till just in my line. And that's with a ten percent discount for all the Elderly Entitled peeps.

    Now just sipping some electric lemonade.

    Hey! Where the heck is NancyP? Do we have to put her mug up on some milk cartons or what? (can ya tell I'm reading her again? LOL)

    Gonna go down to San Jose this October finally after a few years of not being able to go. Get to see my best friend and my hockey family. Wish I could see you Toads Tools :)