Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Natural Bent

All photos taken June 13, 2012
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  1. Yay for the great news, Maria!

    Wishing that the weather gods would be kind to the both of us, Larry.

    And on top of that, Dina, we ended up in the low 90s instead of upper 80s and I was still happy.

    I hope so too, Janet. When we set new high temp records day after day and have a droughts every year during prime growing season, it's hard to see how they can keep arguing.

    Eek, Jen! Don't even think that -- the Evil Eye might be reading.

    Glad to hear you finally got some rain. We had a bit too but it wasn't a good soak -- less than 1/4 inch.

  2. Appropriate photo for this a.m. - I'm feeling a bit droopy today. Nothing major, just the start of a summer cold, I think. Working for the mimes @ home today so as not to spread germs.

    Kitty thought it would be a treat to climb all over my head around 5:30 this morning. Sheesh.

    At least the week's half over!!

    Happy Wednesday, all!

  3. All the plants bowing to the sun god?

    Yay, we got a little rain last night. The important word there is "little," unfortunately. Better 'n nothing, I guess.

    Maria, hope you're not getting a cold, that would suck! Hey, at least you finished the recordings first. ;-)

    Mime at home day. Hope everyone gets rain who wants it!

  4. When we set new high temp records day after day and have a droughts every year during prime growing season, it's hard to see how they can keep arguing.

    Irrational belief systems are the renewable energy of the perpetual ridiculous argument machine.

    Some retiree or another down Miami Beach once told me that the Evil Eye can, but chooses not to, operate above 85F, and I choose to believe that. Of course, I also choose to believe our local pretty-boy weather-dudes when they tell me it's going to rain for the next three days, so, you know, clearly my believer is suffering from some kind of heat-related malfunction, lol.

  5. I'm not even sure I could grow my own food in this climate anymore.

    I think America needs sensationalism before it wakes up and then it's attention span is just a few days. Then it's off to some "reality" tv show. We care more about "voting" for dancing couples than our own self interests.

    Some days I long to own a small farm. A house with a big kitchen and a large pantry. Something that could sustain me and a few loved ones. It'd be hard at first because I lack the basic skills :) but I think we gave our true powers and abilities away so that we could bow down to the "job creators" who sent all our crafts, trades and skills overseas to be done by child slaves.

    Garhd Blesssh 'Murica.

  6. Oops, I meant to add... they need sensationalism like all those Monster Weather Day After movies. Hollyweird.

    Because the weather reality - that we've been hollering about for years - hasn't made a dent in these blockheads.

  7. What I wrote in the Big Orange today about this:

    This country insists on castastrophes before it blinks an eye and then our attention span is that of a fourth grader. We can only tolerate brief aware periods of no more than four days. Then we must "let it go" and go back to watching the idiot box or go shopping at the strip mall in one of our several SUVs to buy things made my slave labor and put it all in a plastic bag since we "reuse" them as garbage bags for all the shit we don't need.

    Off to do Senior Entitlement Day at the mimes. At least it's a 9-5er, Yay! Wish I could make you all one of my grapefruit vodka cocktails. Very yummy. Tart and Sweet. Quinching. :) Recipe later as I have to hit the shower pronto.

  8. All day I was convinced it was Thursday - so I had multiple moments of disappointment when I had to remind myself that there were TWO days left in this work week. Ah well.

    Tomorrow the exterminator is coming to deal with my wasp problem - and of course when I went out to water tonight there was not a wasp in sight. I suppose he'll believe me that they were burrowing into the ground.

    I'm starting to gather books to take north with me on vacation. My favorite part of planning a vacation.

    Janet thanks for the offer of a cocktail but grapefruit and I don't get along - what else have ya got? ;)