Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Feelings About the Fourth Are All Over the Place

Taken June 6, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Sorry about the flunking, Jen. :) I was pretty amazed how good I did -- I got an 18 (Jim got 38).

    Good morning hi, Dina.

    It went pretty good, Beth. It's a great place, she really likes it, and she's got friends there ... but she's still resisting the idea of moving. I think we'll get her to do it pretty soon, though. Hope the weekend gives you a nice rest from your long work days.

  2. Happy 4th, y'all!

    Spending the day watching Brit TV series & otherwise doing a whole lotta nothing.

    May your respective holidays be fabulous! (and Nicola, may your day be awesome, because it's Wednesday)

  3. Thanks for reminding me ... Happy 4th to all who celebrate it (said ambivalently as I do like the mood of celebration of the holiday but am put off by the jingoism it engenders and all the gushing over the incredibly hypocritical Declaration).

    Anyhow -- enjoy the day off, Maria. Have fun escaping into Brit TV and from the heat.

  4. Oh good gods, 18 & 38, no wonder you two can shoot such spectacular pictures. I got an 83 -- apparently I'm fortunate that I can still see the contrast between the men's & women's room signs, lol.

    The older I get the more I wish we collectively stayed away from the 'splodey things and hammered a lot harder on the apple pie portion of Americana on these kinds of holidays, but hopefully the heat and the Colorado fires will sober up at least SOME of our future Darwin Award winners. I sometimes wonder how differently things might have gone had someone had the damn sense to write a Declaration of Interdependence, and then I have more pie.

    Meanwhile, did y'all see that CERN might've found Higgs boson?! Biggest news in tiny physics since they built the Large Hadron Collider.

  5. I wonder if my early years doing oil painting might have been a big help for me, Jen.

    For anyone interested in Higgs boson, I recommend Sean Carroll's blog Cosmic Variance [LINK]. Not only was he live blogging it but he has a lot of really good posts about it.

  6. 4 days of little sleep has me barely lurking or alert. Dogs, cats and autism - oh my. How did the fourth of July start out on June 30th? Yahoos have been assploding things for days now. Money to burn I guess.

    Be safe everyone and be aware that most aren't being safe.

    Thanks for the linky dink, I'll check it out tomorrow.

  7. Enjoy the day, everyone.

    If celebrating, celebrate safely. Nothing special here, but Andi, I think the Higgs boson is wonderful!

  8. In that case - hope you have a happy day! And get a strong downpour this evening ... :-)

  9. Well Happy Higgs boson, then, Dina. And to you, Janet and you, Candis. :)