Thursday, July 5, 2012

Moments at Rest

Taken June 8, 2012.

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  1. Heat, heat, go AWAY! Pls?

    Going to be another scorcher with bonus!humidity. Brutal summer in DC. Ugh.

    OTOH, I had a lovely day yesterday watching BBC series Cranford, vegging with the kitty and overall just being lazy. Mimes today and then my weekend. I could get used to this kind of schedule. ::g::

    Happy Thursday, all!

  2. Was Cranford based on Gaskell's novel, Maria? I've read (actually listened to) it and North and South and really like both, though North and South was my favorite of the two..

  3. Andi - Yup, the miniseries was based on the novels. I enjoyed the heck out of the show. Loads of great actors, including Dame Judi Dench.

  4. Hope everyone else survived their Fourth. Mine started at way-too-damn-early o'clock, roto-tilling and mulching around a row of watermelon mounds. I did get some writing stuff done though: self-edits on a dark YA fantasy short (about 5800 words). Just need to get a beta or three lined up, then look for a place to send it. Since it's a short, I made the blurb short (tweetable, actually): "Mary discovers a way to make her drawings real. Can she undo the devastation she unleashes?"

    Maria, I expect the DC goplets will borrow a leaf from their NC counterparts, and take care of the heat by legislating against global warming. :-P

    Well, it's mime time. I'm not sure how well this is going to work, with the wife going to pick up Mr. Sunshine at his trucking terminal. She won't be back until 11, and Daughter Dearest had to go in early. (If I were emperor, I would decree that retail outlets could not schedule employees to work until closing on one day then have to open the next, without paying them extra.) Hope everyone has a good second mini-week…

  5. Larry, I totally agree about that scheduling thing -- I hate it when managers do that. It's sloppy/lazy.

    My happy news is that there were NO fireworks in my neighborhood that I know of!!!!! It was one of the most peaceful 4ths I can remember. I really appreciate all the support and advice you guys gave me.

    (waving at the crowd) I hope everyone's morning is wonderful!

  6. Hi, all. Hope everyone had a great fourth.

    It is quiet here except for the men working on the roof. In this heat. Ugh.

  7. First illegal firework to go off, we were all standing in my driveway with kids and a neighbor, and this coyote came running down our street. Panicked. Birds and bats flying so low. Running into things.

    Not many big illegals this year. Nor were there many long term firecracking going on. Had a great talk with our liberal neighbor and even listened to some "catch yer hair on fire" music.

    and we saluted Woody Guthrie - Happy 100th Woody!

    Glad you all made it through the other side.

    Saw a documentary last night called American Scary. It's about the Horror Show Shock Hosts, like Elvira, Vampira, The Ghoul and Zacherley. Neil Gaiman was in it. Was a nice way to fall asleep last night. Did have some late night Booms though.

  8. Maria - love that series as well. Did you see both Cranford and Return to Cranford?

    Great close-up Andi!

  9. 9:45 at night and it is still 99 degrees. aaack. Thank god for air conditioning.

    Maria, I watched Return to Cranford and really liked it. I keep meaning to go back and watch Cranford. I also keep meaning to read something by Gaskell.