Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let the Sunshine In

Taken June 22, 2012.

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  1. Glad comments are working for you again, Larry. Looking forward to reading that "interview".

    Same awful weather here, Maria. Now I'm almost missing those triple digits temps with the low, low humidity.

  2. Heading for more record-breaking heat today with bonus!orange alert air status. Whee? Definitely one of the less savory aspects of living in the city.

    A slow, sluggish week, but I totally blame the weather. At least it's halfway over, right?

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Morning Gang!!!

    Long time, no see. Well I have lurked off and on.
    Heat, humidity and capricious rain clouds here in Texas too. Though we did get almost 3/4 inch rain a few days ago. Mostly double digit temps this summer which has been sooooo much better than last year.
    Been wrestling the revision on my novel and not sure if I'm winning.
    Life has been pretty much quiet and boring. Not a bad thing. A few more weeks of summer vacation and then back to work two weeks early because of being counselor.

    My brother in law has made my flower beds wow so I'm valiantly watering and trying to keep all the new bushes and plants happy. Herb gardening sounds great. I'm thinking the bunnies and squirrels would likely be a challenge here.

    Hope the challenging weather and air quality don't get anyone down and all can find a good book and some relaxing shade (air conditioning) to enjoy.

    Enjoying reading Simon Beckett's mysteries--his main character is a forensic anthropologist. The Chemistry of Death is the first one. The science teacher in me finds the gruesome details interesting.
    Loved Divergent which is a YA I think will give Hunger Games a run for it's money.

    Cyberhugs to all!!!

  4. Hey Lisa! Nice to see you in Cyberdom! Glad things are going so well. Hard to believe your summer vacay is almost over, though. :(

    Thanks for the pretty pictures, andi. Hope everyone is having a good week -

  5. Ah, sunshine.

    Lisa, good to see you around again! We had some of your weather for a little while, triple digit temps and really low (for here) humidity. I remember loving that kind of hot when I was a kid, for some reason. Now everyone locks their kids inside… like they'll melt or something. How soon we forget. :-P

    I think you guys will like this one. It got cross-tweeted last night and made NPR this morning! How Not to Start an Expose

    So I'm working at home today. Mason comes boppin' in, Daughter Deareast trying to keep up. "Granddad, what you lookin' at?" Daughter Dearest scoops him up. "It's very boring," she says. "Trust me." Ah, the glamourous life of a tech writer. :-P

  6. Now I'm almost missing those triple digits temps with the low, low humidity.

    Spit over your shoulder or face charges of hypocrisy. ;p

    Beth, I hope you're feeling better, or at least less disoriented. Wishing you lots of chocolate and wine and the kindness of good friends to ease the transition.

    Mary, fwiw, I've never known a single attorney who could keep up with their personal deadlines without an assistant keeping a tickler. My theory is that you all have to keep track of so many major important dates for other people/entities that it's just too easy for the little things to slip. I hope it doesn't turn into a giant hassle of late fees and ridiculousness.

    We finally spayed the last of our rescue kittens on Monday, and then she got a respiratory infection, so we've not slept since the weekend from nursing a sick Duckie back to good. Antibiotic shot yesterday and she's doing better today, whew, time for a household nap. :)

    All my best wishes to the whole lot of you, as always.

  7. omg Larry that link is hilarious.

  8. Hi, all. Back and caught up (sort of). The trip was good, though family problems abound. But I got to spend a day at Readercon which convinced me to sign up for next year.

    Trying to stay cool!

  9. Lisa! Welcome back from real life.

    Jen, I'm good with your excuse for me. Although the invention of outlook/computerized calendars combined with electronic tickler systems makes things easier to remember. So long as my assistant tickles it. Hmmm. Wonder if the firm would notice if I tickled license plate renewal? I could have done it at my old firm but this new one has RULES. Of course maybe the lack of rules is why my old firm went under :). Glad the kitteh is feeling better.