Monday, July 23, 2012

Just a Boy and His Dogs

Both taken July 1, 2012
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  1. If you plead the 5th, Kelly, then we'll know for sure. ;)

    That's really awful, Janet. Hope you stocked up on jugs of drinking water before they got sold out.

    Bummer on the dead flowers, Mary. The wildflowers in the woods are really sparse too.

  2. Aww, cute boy and cute dogs.

    Kelly, pleading is always acceptable. If you can enunciate through the ball-gag.

    My pot plants are doing great, which seems odd.

    Mary, now I have this mental image of you answering the door for a couple of federal agents, "POTTED, POTTED, hahaha...hey, why aren't you fine gentlemen up in Oregon? I hear they have a water situation."

    E's papa bear is in the hospital again. He's got a few chronic things that act up and this one is particularly unpleasant. He's in good spirits, considering, but he's got some diagnostic procedures that shall remain unnamed to endure today, and we'll all feel better whenever they give him the green light to go home.

    Hope everyone's week gets off to a decent start -- no cops, no hospitals, no e coli. Not to set the bar too high or anything.

  3. Mary and Pot... everything seems okie dokie :)

    Jen, hope E's Dad is okay. Isn't he pals with enemy nummer wan?

    I'm off to take a 19 year old young adult man to the dentist and he reallllly doesn't want to go. He's even yelling as he takes a shower.

    Yesterday I really immersed in yoga. Even breathed yogi style the entire time. Felt really good. Did all the poses fairly well except for one - so I felt yogarrific. Then... as I was walking into a grocery store, I found myself at the end of a fall. I don't recall even falling just the final thud. Was like a bag of potatoes. Landed on my left side mostly and in opposite direction of the store. Now I ache all over - argggh. I'm not sure if I fainted or what. Really odd. Odder than Mary's Pot Plants. :)

    Bought more dahlias for the gahhhhden. Mystic Enchantment. Black stems with majestic red flowers.

    Off to the dentist - then off to the mimes.

  4. Hi, all. Jen, I had the same reaction to the pot plants. Hope all goes well for E's Dad today.

    Janet, please join my club - The Do Not Fall Club! Hope you aren't aching too much. Good luck at the dentist.

    Hi, Andi. Hope you are having a good Monday.

  5. Heehee, she said pot plants. :-D

    Janet, "a" grocery store? Your mind was trying to turn you around to *your* grocery store, I'm guessing! Hope Wes gets over his "do not want" soon!

    Stitches have been removed from my shoulder. The med asst had to get the doc in on the action, because one of them was kind of buried. They had to dig it out. It didn't hurt, or didn't hurt more than a novocaine shot would have, so I just sat there & sweated while they burrowed. The med asst wisecracked that I was sweating because I had my shirt off with two beautiful women hanging over me. I opined that could be… I didn't say that she wasn't bad looking & the doc is a kind of MILF-y redhead. :-D Got my car back, too (power steering leaking).

    OK, the mimes are patiently waiting for me to swing the pick....

  6. I can always enunciate, that's what the theater degree is for. I went for a run yesterday and did push-ups! I think I might be returning to a schedule. Need to write a couple of short pitches for a YA publisher today and take another run.

  7. Ahh the theatre. I can project. Spit on the audience in the front rows while the cheap seats folks can hear you. :)

    I once played Babe in Crimes on of the Heart. Perfect role for me LOL.

  8. I honestly thought she meant pot plants, and was amused that she grows her own. So much for being literal.

    Looking for good vibes from the universe today. Even my happy bobble-head doll has stopped bobbling...

    Mentally walking in the woods with the boy and his dogs.

  9. You guys are funny. I only wish.

    Janet, hope you are ok. I am a "faller". It's a joke among my sisters that I can be walking with them across a flat surface and suddenly I'm on the floor. And as I get older it HURTS. I'm sure I'll die of a broken hip in old age from a fall.

    Four days to vacation ... oh, these days are moving sooooo slow.

  10. (((Farf)))) it wasn't my store but the same company :) Glad you're on the mend. When you coming back to PDX? I'm needing some Thai food again! :)

    I think I may have fainted. I'm not a fainter either so possibly got dehydrated.

    Mary, I'm a totaly spazzette so I do fall alot but not like this - this was weird. :) Glad I'm not the only clutzoid.

    So I get to work and I hear customers talking about how the Colorado Mass Murderer was AUTISTIC?!?!?!?! Turns out MSNBC Joe Scarface was saying that.. OMFG!!!! I hate American "news". It totally sucks.