Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gone Wandering

Taken June 11, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Hi Maria, Candis, Larry, KB, and Dina.

    ::whimpers because it's already 80 and it's going up to 104::

  2. {{Andi}} This is THE worst summer in years! I don't dare look at the forecast -- it was 106.7 at the worst of it yesterday (in the shade of our patio)

    And It's not true that misery loves company. It's scary to think that this heat is just about every where.

    Stay as cool as possible!

  3. Morning all!

    KB, loved the joke! :-D Now if I could only find anyone around here who would get it. :-(

    Andi, we're "only" getting to 93 here. Maybe you guys should find a creek and go lay down in it. Looks like we're all getting a cool-down starting Monday, although it's going to be rough weather. Oh what the hell, bring it on, we need the rain.

    Breakfast, Mason, taking my car to the mechanic for a leaky power steering pump. That's my Saturday morning. Later!

  4. Oh, I want to hang out in Andi's and Jim's woods!

  5. Lovely, cool woods...

    Ridiculously hot already and expecting 105 today. I'm bunking indoors with a/c & kitty and episodes of Wallander.

    Happy weekend!

  6. Summer is here now, too. Going to be 90.

    Going to a wedding today. Not your typical type either :) We will be wearing our hockey t-shirts and carrying our pom poms and such. Bring your own chairs and a potluck. My friend Jahmah, an ex-coworker, is getting married to her kindergarten sweetheart that she recently rehooked up with. He'd been living up in Alaska all this time but he's moving to Portland.

    I got them a couple's package to my yoga studio and a recipe book for the other attendees to put in their favorite recipes for the new couple.

  7. Hot here too. I want the woods!

    Hope everyone manages to stay somewhat cool and healthy. Janet, that wedding sounds wonderful! Have fun.

  8. 106 here at 7:00 at night but it's thundering! Oh I hope it rains. Tomorrow it's only (ONLY!) supposed to be 94.

  9. We're getting a "break" from the heat here, bk, starting today -- high of 93 here today and 88 tomorrow. Never thought I would be so glad to see those temps. And you can come hang out in my woods any time.

    I'm glad you are getting some rain, Larry. I wish we were.

    I wish the woods were cool, Maria. But at least they're shade from the sun.

    Sounds like a really fun wedding, Janet.

    Hope you stay cool too, Dina.

    Wishing that you've enjoyed a very wet evening and night, Mary.

  10. Too. Damn. Hot. Wedding was wonderful! My friend married the boy she had fell in love with when she was six years old. They wanted to roast marhsmallows and ended up burning down a tree in Bellingham, WA. They both were severely disciplined and forbidden to play with each other. Their lives turned to ashes. Both struggled with various addictions. Then their lives changed. A few months ago they found each other via the internets and two months ago they met up in person. They had only kissed with they were little kids. We saw their SECOND kiss yesterday. They remained completely celibate upon seeing each other. They both are devout Christians. Jahmah is one of the few people who I deeply respect their religious walk. Republicans wouldn't have approved of the wedding. You wouldn't beleive all the tats, peircings. The wedding party was done up in old school folk-a-billy. so many waxed moustaches. :) Jahma has coca cola colored dreds, no make up on her blue eyes, covered in ink and peircings. Her heart and soul are wiser than her years. I am honored to have her in my life. I love her like a sister.

    They kissed and burned a small tree and will be planting a new one on their property.

    But man was it HOT!

  11. PS they hadn't seen each other for over 30 years.

    Gonna run to the store, load up on groceries and then go through some more of my Mother's books.

    Brother gave my cell phone number to my estranged father... I can't deal with either of them right now.