Thursday, July 19, 2012

Color Shift

Taken June 25, 2012.

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  1. Woo hoo. We got rain overnight. I just checked our rain gauge and it's got an inch of rain in it. How could I have slept through such a wondrous thing?

    I don't know about you, Maria, but these are records I really wish we wouldn't break.

    Lisa! Woo hoo again. Great to hear from you. Hope all the family is doing great and the school year went well and that you are enjoying your summer (boring is better than some kinds of excitement).

    Happy you enjoy the pictures, Beth. Think of them as virtual hugs.

    Love that link, Larry. I kinda wish she had let it go on to see just how much umbrage the guy could have generated.

    It's too late, Jen -- the triple digits are back (though not the low humidity). Sorry about the sick kitty and lack of sleep.

    Welcome back, Dina. Anything called Readercon sounds like a fine place to spend a day to me. :)

    I don't know which is worse, Mary, places with lots of rules or places that have none (or just ignore the ones they have); I've worked at both and both can be a real pain. Hope some of this wave of thunderstorms that have been scattered around Indiana passed your way first.

  2. Very cool picture, andi. I appreciate the virtual hugs - hope more of that rain heads your way.

  3. Lovely pic today!. Impressionist photo, FTW!

    V. happy it's my Friday. This heat has really gotten to me. T'storms last night missed my area, but did bring temps down a wee bit. Lower 90s instead of 102. More storms expected today.

    Hoping to start recording book 3 tomorrow a.m. then a lung doc checkin in the afternoon. Then a blissfully quiet weekend to follow.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. Yo!

    It thundered, and even rained, from about 2pm to 4pm here yesterday. Then there were off & on sprinkles into the evening.

    Mary, good luck with the reminders. Are legal secretaries a dying breed? My mom did that for a long time, until she changed careers and became the only honest real-estate broker in Florida. :-D That's what she retired with. Before she did legal secretary work, she worked at home doing transcriptions for court reporters. When I learned how to type, I could always earn some spare change by typing up a few pages for her.

    Printed out White Pickups again for the final editing pass. Barring any real hassles, I think I'll fire the Launch Cannon on the 28th. I'll be SO happy to put this to bed. I've learned a lot along the way, too.

    Time to grab some breakfast before I hit the mimes. Later!

  5. Hi, all. We had thunderstorms during lunch yesterday. The temperature dropped 15 degrees - wonderful.

    Still playing catch up but as far as legal secretaries are concerned - a good one is worth their weight in gold!

    Stay cool, everyone.

  6. Oh yes, there are still legal secretaries. At my firm we call them LAA's - Legal Administrative Assistants. The job has changed a bit, what with the computerization of all the courts and the governmental agencies like the SEC - everything has to be set up to be filed on line. In some ways there is less to do because all the lawyers have computers at their desks and draft everything themselves, but in other ways it has become quite technical.

    When I left my old firm last year I had to leave behind my secretary of over 10 years. It was hard to get used to working with someone new. But then my old firm imploded and went out of business and about 15 lawyers came over to my new firm and brought some staff - including Chris, my former secretary. And they put us back together again, which is great! There is nothing like being able to speak in shorthand to someone you've worked with for years.

  7. Lovely picture, Andi, like a painting.
    We've all developed webbed feet and gills over here - not a day without rain since the 1st of June, but the sun is out today and there's a rumour it might stay. Not taking any chances though.

    I'm in an idle mood today so am dragging the Resident Engineer out to lunch soon!