Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cliche Alive: New-Mown Hay

Taken June 5, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday

    Why Janet, how you can say that my dogs say such things!?! :P

    With the heat we're having here, Beth, I feel like I must be living in your pocket -- but that can't be because everybody here is a lazy good-for-nothing and happy with it. :)

  2. Three cheers for the lazy!! ::g::

    The humidity is back here and all I want to do is hide out at home with the kitty. Sadly, today, I must hie myself to the mimes. Tomorrow's holiday will be spent in glorious couch potato-hood, however.

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. That "living cliche" won't live long now that it's cut down. ;-)

    Doctor appt in a few. One of those "fasting" things because the vampires are getting their own breakfast, I mean monitoring my cholesterol & liver function. So when I get home, it's mime at home time. The 4th is putting a big hole in the middle of the week. Kind of annoying, in a way. I suppose I'd be more grateful if I didn't already know exactly what I'll be doing all day (nothing I'd prefer to do).

    Yay for mid-90s. The world doesn't smell like it's baking anymore. Well, time to get to the doc's.

  4. ::pours a nice breakfast-y kona blend for KB; whips up biscuits & gravy for poor, starving Larry::

    Cliche or not, I've lived in the midwest for 6 years now and I still don't really grok the difference between hay and straw. E & I will be driving down one of the country roads we live near, passing some farmland, and I will point and ask, "Straw or hay?" Sometimes I will do this just to hear that exasperated sigh she makes, lolshh, but I honestly can never remember which is which.

    'Round here, most of us more or less already know who runs the world, but in case you ever get curious as to how they do it, there is a way to make actual maps of corporate power. (Seriously, if you haven't seen this, it will blow your mind a little bit.)

    Hope you all find your fave ways to beat the heat.

  5. Hot and humid -- I really feel sorry for those folks that still don't have their power back, Maria.

    Larry, when I was working (jeez, I like saying/writing that), I liked any day no matter when it came.

    Hope you've staggered into a cuppa by now, kb.

    Jen, if the farmland you are passing is green, it's hay and if it's yellow/golden it's straw. If it has been cut and/or baled and they are letting it sit out and dry, it's hay (they'll put up straw right away because if it gets wet, it's pretty much ruined).

    We're off to Indy. We're taking my Mom to see a retirement community which a friend of hers has moved to and which she seems to really like. It looks very nice from the outside and they sent me their activity calendar which is full of great stuff to do. So I hope Mom because I don't like her living alone in her condo one bit.

  6. With all this talk of golden brown and greenish, how about a color acuity test?

  7. Jim, that test is like having some kind of OCD episode at the paint sample counter. I flunked it. ::sad trombone sound::

    Andi, I bet that green/yellow distinction is very helpful if you can distinguish the colors. ;p I will try to remember the thing about hay sitting out in bales and straw needing to be put away. Good luck with the retirement community visit, the good ones can be really great places.

  8. Drive by hi to all. Enjoy the day!

  9. Andi, hope the trip with Mom went well, and she likes the center. Sounds like it'd be a good move for everyone...

    Staggering in for a weak wave, and then staggering out. Another too-long day. But a BBQ tomorrow evening, and then a quick trip south with my guy to visit friends for a couple of days. Makes the crazy long workdays worth it.

    Summer is def here. But I was able to open the windows last night - might even try it again tonight, if it's really getting down to 76. Nice to breath fresh air, even if it's kinda heavy.

    Have a safe and fun holiday tomorrow, y'all - I'll check in this weekend!