Monday, July 30, 2012


Taken July 15, 2012.

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  1. Hi all. One more day dealing with Mom's move/house and then I'm taking a few days off, both for my body and my mental health.

    Hope everybody has a good Monday.

  2. Days off = good thing!

    But, for moi, it's Monday and back to the mimes. Definitely feeling *much* better after 3 days of upped meds. Better living through chemistry. ::g::

    Here's hoping for a great day for all of us.

  3. No dogpiles in the F household — dog *stacks* only! A day off sounds lovely. I'm going to disappear for two weeks in August, and I know the first week won't see me online much because Dad's place has a spotty signal.

    Kelly, that sounds like a job & a half. Nice that you have the time & inclination to tackle stuff like that! I think I'd have just sweated until I was done, *then* changed clothes once though.

    I survived the music, so did the church. If I could have gotten Daughter Dearest's cooperation, I would have attempted something on the more intense end of the Skillet repertoire and perhaps ended up with an open-air church. ;-) As it was, she got called in to work at the Dress Barn on Sunday morning so it's a good thing I planned on a solo. Then Mason & I had a nice afternoon nap.

    The final edits to White Pickups are here next to me. Desire is to get it done this week & fire the Launch Cannon by this weekend!

    And… I'm off (to the mimes, I'm always the other kind of off).