Saturday, July 28, 2012

All Rise

Taken July 26, 2012.

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  1. There is no scrap of paper too insignificant, no tchotchke too cheesy, no gadget too useless, no photo too out of focus, no plastic storage container too yellowed with age, there's no something that's nothing that my mother will not keep it around in her home. Now it's not that I feel like it will take forever to clean out this condo, I know it. /rant

    Hi everybody. Hope E's dad does better today. Hope you do better today, Beth. And betterment wishes to everybody else, too.

  2. Eek, Andi! I send you virtual vibes of cleaning!

    Good doc visit yesterday. She upped my meds, which should help with the flares. I don't need to go back for another 2 months.

    Many get better vibes sent towards E's dad! And virtual hugs to Beth.

    I'm going to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies which I DVRd so I could fast forward through the annoying bits. ::g::

    Happy Saturday, all!

  3. E's Dad is finally out of ICU, back in a regular room, on soft foods. Poor guy's not eaten for a week. Now we have to find a way to convince him that he still needs the surgery. Honestly, I'd rather be moving Andi's Mom, cheesy tchotchkes and all.

    Thank you all so much for your kind wishes and support. I hope everyone is able to get to feeling better some way or another this weekend. Me, Ima go play some Mario Kart. :)

  4. Andi, my Mom kept everything. We tried to have her simplify when she moved but to no avail. I'm going through tax returns from the 80s...

    Olympic "viewers" - here's the reason for the cut away to Ryan Seacrest crap during the Opening...

    That's another reason I don't find myself watching the Olympics. Mainly the schedule and the cut aways. I'd rather subscribe to certain events and see them as a whole. I tired of watching the Olympics as some sort of Sports Soap Opera where they focused on only the Americans and a few sad sack tales of come from behind foreign athletes. I heard that the announcers wouldn't shut up. Might need to mute it, too.

    The flag carrier was the Fencing Champ from Beaverton, she shops in my store :)

    Jen - I am so wanting a Mario Kart for the Wii! - glad things getting better for E's Dad.

  5. Janet, sounds like a fun time was had by all! There need to be more people like Wes in this world, helping a friend enjoy his particular obsession. :-D

    Damn, Beth. I know where you're coming from. It just seems like when you figure you've seen the worst, something else happens. I wish I knew a way to make it stop, besides just deciding to be a hermit (because that's no fun either). If there's a bright side, it's that those emotional wrenches tend to fuel some people's writing.

    Andi, I apologize for laughing out loud at your rant. I've known a few people like that. I am a people like that, but maybe not to that extreme. I hope.

    Yay Maria for good doc visit! From what I heard on Twitter last night, muting the sound would have been enough to eliminate the annoying bits. :-P I didn't really worry much about watching it — I have a ton(ne) of UK tweeps and five or six of them were live-tweeting the whole shebang. I thought the "Queen parachuting in" sequence was cool though. Of all the captions I've seen of that one pic of her, though, I thought "Look at all those countries I used to own" was the funniest.

    Woohoo, Jen, great news about his being out of ICU! Hope he consents to the surgery & bounces back! (and you win every Mario Kart heat)

    Well, I had to be a "jerk" again, and not sit at the wife's dad's with my thumb up my @$$ all afternoon. I'm supposed to do the special music tomorrow at church, and guess why I haven't had a chance to prepare it all week? Of course, I spent a couple hours this morning dealing with a flat tire on his boat trailer. (The Boy helped clean up the boat four years running, and there was always "some reason" to not go out on the lake with it, so after four years of that he said screw it. I don't blame him in the least, and nor does the wife. So anyway, it's been sitting under its lean-to for a few years.) Evil Lad NOT and I changed the flat, and he's cleaning it up now. The flat is dry-rotted, and was off the rim on one side, but I got it seated. That involved leaving the tire in the sun for a while to soften up a little and remember how to be round, then I put a ratcheting tie-down around it and bounced it a little until the bead got up to the rim. After that, it was a matter of airing it up and letting it seat. But you know that joke about how southern women "glow" instead of sweat? Good thing that doesn't apply to men, because I'd have been a freaking supernova.

    So, the song has been de-lyric'ed & burned to CD, I've gone through it a few times, and now I just have to wait until Mason wakes up before I practice it again.

  6. A good Sunday to everyone. No ranting today -- I'm too tired and sore.

    The upside of all this hoarder behavior is that we found over $250 in various places (not sure if my favorite was the 33 $2 bills or the 43 Susan B. Anthony dollars or the prescription bottles containing quarters that turned up in drawers all over the house).

    I'm so glad to hear the good news for you, Maria, and for E's Dad. Thanks for the link, Janet. And I hope everything goes well with the music, Larry.

  7. Aww, a head-pat and a there-there, comfort foods and Bengay for Andi. Meanwhile, why didn't you ever mention that your mother lived at my grandfather's house? The hoarding along with the $2 bills and the weird money-keeping, all so familiar.

    And it never ends. My grandfather has been dead for 6 or 7 years now but when my father sent me a birthday card a month ago he taped one of grandpa's silver coins in it. "He would want you to have it." You can try to keep it out, but that stuff will eventually get into your house all stealth-like. A coin from the Great Beyond, I'm just sayin', lol.

    Larry, I hope your performance went well!

    Janet, you totally DO want Mario Kart on the Wii. It's better than the Olympics. (/Blasphemy!) Just watch out for The Flying Blue Shell Of F*You, which, by level 3, will totally nail you every time you are in first place.

  8. Andi is going to be sending us Susan Bs for (insert obligatory holiday here)? Me! Me! I want one! :)

    Off to yoga innaminnit. Then off to do errands. Beach place was all booked so not sure what we are going to do this weekend. Maybe just run to the aquarium in Newport and have dinner. I have to figure out "vat to do" for the 16th weekend. Staycation but Aboot afoot in Oregon.

    All I can think is, "Schweddy Farf" giggggle.

  9. Hooray for good news for Maria and Jen! Andi, you have my sympathies. After the nightmare of moving my mother the last time, she promised to go through simplify, and she's actually doing it! Larry, yes with the glowing. I spent three hours yesterday and six today trimming out a door and patching the wall around it (hundred year old house has no straight angles or flat surfaces beneath the lath, bleah.) Today I went through five shirts, five hats, and two pairs of shorts.

  10. Ooh, and hellos and hugs for everyone as needs 'em.

  11. Can't wait to see the kitty-vest photo of KMc's day today :)

    I don't "glow". I prefer to "Glisten" :P