Friday, July 13, 2012

All Fall Down

Taken June 19, 2012.

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  1. Darn, Maria. Well I hope the cold doesn't spoil the weekend for you.

    Ah, Jen, it's the adventurous life of an exterminator for me ... not.

    Hope you got a good soak, Larry. When I went to bed our forecast said a high of 79 (79!) and a 70% chance of rain today. Now it says a high of 87 and a 30% chance of rain. Boy howdy, the weather gods are fickle.

    Safe journey and an enjoyable time, Dina.

    We're taking a very, tiny, little, small effort at it, Janet -- we trying to get a small, raised bed herb garden going.

    Well, Mary, if the exterminator guy did his job, you won't see. :)

  2. Nifty pic!

    Feeling loads better today, thank goodness. Decided to work @ the mimes from home and not use up a sick day for yesterday.

    Temps are actually going to be in the mid-80s today - what a crazy, crazy weather pattern. Happy as a clam, I am. This is such a relief.

    Wishing you all a great Friday!

  3. Andi, did those shrooms bend over like that on their own, or did they have some help? Looks like an organically grown alien landing craft. ;-)

    Blessed relief: sprinkles through the day kept the temps below 80, and then the rain got "for reals" around 10pm and stayed on all night! Now that our rain has come back home, maybe the UK can start drying out. Like good $3X: really wet and lasts all night! /perv

    Andi, good luck with the herb garden! I have to admit, when it comes to herbs I have it easy on Planet Georgia. Except for tropicals like basil, they'll winter over here. I plant 'em and leave 'em alone to do their thing.

    Off to the mimes. Y'all stay warm/cool/dry/damp as suits ya!

  4. I had dreams of a lovely potted veg/herb garden when we first moved in here to the house. We have a fabulous backyard space with lots of room and direct sun as well as shade, and I'm always home, so I could move things around as needed until they were just right. We were hoping to plant a line of berry bushes and a couple small fruit trees too, eventually. My stepmother tended two gigantic gardens when I was a kid, one for veg and one for flowers, and I used to help her so I thought I was Farmer Jen enough and got to work the first spring we were here.

    Pretty much everything died for three seasons in a row, and most of what lived was promptly eaten by rabbits and chipmunks. I got one (1) dinner salad and then had to watch them through the windows as they feasted on my lettuce and strawberries. The only thing I could grow was lavender. And lavender. And more lavender. And holy crap, is that more lavender? I finally had to yank it all out before it invaded the neighbors. Forlorn and mystified, I gave up.

    And then we had a totally unrelated plumbing problem, via which we discovered that some super-construction-plumber-genius had connected all of our outdoor water lines to the water softener. I had been salting the earth.

  5. Oh crap, Jen, that sucks!

    Some joker dropped off—I shitteth thee not—packages of white powder down at Legal. Facilities sounded the fire alarm to get everyone outside, and word now is that we're not to come back today. I think I'll phone in to see if they're open Monday, too.

  6. Just got an email saying the package "was determined not to be of any risk." Too late, I'm home & have all the work stuff set up at home. At least I know if I drive in Monday, I won't have to worry about getting sent right back home. :-P

  7. Nothing like a little anthrax scare to get your blood pumping.