Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Blush of Green

Taken June 30, 2012.

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  1. Thinking good thoughts for E's Dad, Jen.

    That fall sounds scary, Janet. Take care of you yourself.

    Hi Dina. Monday was okay -- if you like way too hot and way too humid. Unfortunately, I don't.

    Ouch, Larry (first dentists and falls, now stitches -- all that pain must be why we need the pot).

    Good luck with the pitches, Kelly.

    Hope you got those good vibes, Beth.

    Just think happy thoughts about cool lakes, Mary, and you'll be there.

  2. I love all the green in your pictures this year especially, Andi. It's some of the only green I'm getting to see!

    Update: Yesterday got scary quickly. E had barely made it down to the hospital when they moved her old man to the ICU because they cannot locate (precisely enough) or stop his internal bleeding. Tried an angio procedure yesterday afternoon/evening, but unsuccessful, so it might be surgery today. He's still in ICU. The good thoughts and well wishes are so appreciated, thank you all so much.

    I'm off to run support again, I hope you all have a better day than we're having.

  3. Morning!

    Jen, here's hoping E's dad gets better soonest!

    Janet, I'll see if I can inveigle work to send me out there again. ;-) There aren't any Thai places close to the office here, so I haven't had any recently either. Fainting spells suck, I guess that means you're low on basil!

    Well, off to the mimes. Mason's had his first tantrum of the morning, I had to cut off another wifely lecture that served no purpose but to elevate herself, and I'm (as always) running late! Oh wait… I got to be interviewed. Kind of a milestone!

    OK, I'm really gone…

  4. Jen, sending hugs and wishes well. Hallooos and nice to see yous for everyone else. I continue to bounce back from the busy, though I can see another potential storm of it on the horizon. In the meantime, four days in a row that I've had the time and mental energy to stop in, yay!

  5. Jen, Hope things E's dad is on the upswing today.

    Larry - low on basil, ha! congrats on the interview.