Saturday, June 2, 2012

Up for the Weekend

Chesler Park Trail, Needles District, Canyonlands National Park

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  1. ... continued from yesterday

    I'll be interested in what you thought of Snow White and the Huntsman, Maria. It had a great trailer but the reviews haven't been so good.

    That tramp sounds like a wonderful (and yummy) time, Larry. Hope the next one is a successful.

    Sorry you're feeling down, Janet. I recommend a walk in one of Portland's beautiful parks -- it won't cure anything but I think it will provide a balm.

  2. Morning, gang. We were seriously storm-tossed last night, but all is well. No power loss here, thank goodness, just lots and lots of rain.

    The movie? Meh. It's very prettily done and the SFX were really good. Charlize is a fun villain and OTT but in a good, amusing way. Kristen Stewart has the acting range of a teaspoon. Chris Hemsworth is still pretty. The plot, OMG, don't even get me started. It had possibilities, but was as uneven as a shards of broken glass. Things wedged in out of the blue, glaring things missing in the narrative and worst yet, the story just ENDED. NO PAYOFF. (Hints of Snow/Huntsman romantic bond instead of Snow & childhood buddy, son of duke, but NOTHING). I was mentally rewriting it as I watched...the curse of being a writer. ::g::

    Glad I went if only to spend time with friend, who, though a co-worker, I rarely get to hang out with doing other-than-work stuff. It was her birthday outing, so that part was fun. I'm not sorry I saw the movie, as if I hadn't, I'd always wonder. I think what most disappointed me was the fact that it didn't live up to the promises it teased - some really good stuff & world-building, but it was shallow & flat - never fleshed out.

    Oh yes, the 7 dwarves were loads of fun. More like Time Bandits than Disney. Bob Hoskins and Ian McShane played 2 of them.

    Now for a quiet day reading.

    And a side note - my doc dx fibromyalgia yesterday - which I suspected. I now have a trifecta. ::g:: I'm okay with this, at least it explains a LOT.

    Happy weekeend, all!

  3. Happy weekend! Just finished a week of crazy work schedule, then 5 days in the woods with my guy. Which made the crazy work days worth it. Today I'm slowing reentering the real world, which is always hard after living in a cabin in the middle of 360 acres for a few days.

    The vacation pictures are great, andi! Thanks so much for sharing them.

    Maria, sorry for the diagnosis - although at least you have some answers.

    I hope everyone has a peaceful weekend, doing what you do best....

  4. Morning all!

    The joys of Saturday: I got out of bed and was picking stuff off the floor. As always, the bedroom door is open. So of course, Evil Twin was up earlier than expected and got a good look of me in my undies from the other end of the hall. :-) So after I shut the door, Mason had to come open it again. :-D Not many dull moments at FAR Manor.

    Maria, as ugly as the diag is, now they know what needs to be done, right? Here's hoping!

    Beth, hope much fun was had! (I'm sure there was!)

    Janet, the way I see it, not voting is just going to hand the keys to the thugs. As much a disappointment as Obama has been, he's prevented the worst excesses — seriously, if McCain was in, don't you think we'd have been trying to attack Iran by now? For all the whining the teabaggers do about Romney, their programming will hold & they'll march to the polls & vote the way they're told. This is one of the hazards about being in the side of free thinkers: everyone has their own thoughts & they don't line up in nice straight queues like the wingers.

  5. (((((Maria))))) now you have a clear direction and an avenue to take. You can do this.

    ((((Farf))))), I know. I know. In America we have the freedom to vote against the person not for. It's not about how much better Obama is than McCain/Palin, hell I have dog turds in my yard that can govern better than most Republicans. But I feel totally backstabbed by MOST of what Obama has done and hasn't done. You have heard nothing from Obama regarding OWS and the nationwide police brutality. You've heard nothing from him about Wisconsin's battle royale.

    I can not and will not abide or condone a president who supports detention, torture and drone wars. I simply can't. No matter how much ice cream he brings to the party. Democracy Now! had a show on his flip flop of medical marijuana. Education? It's been worse. My daughter's school is letting go of 10 teachers and cutting it's language arts. Kids can't afford college and there aren't any jobs. Three of Danni's friends have NO CHOICE but to join the military. As one of her friends said, "it's either war or suicide". We are involved in more occupations now. Obama appointed the former head of MONSANTA to be in charge of the FDA. My god! Clean coal? No such thing.

    I support gay rights and that is about the only change I've seen. But that doesn't excuse NDAA and the pardoning of war criminals and polluters (big oil). He even compromised on the health care reform. Obama is better than a Republican... but he's not better for me and my children. I realize many attacks against women, the disabled and minorities are because the teabaggers/republicans are freaking out because of Obama but what I'm talking about his Obama's policies and totaly silence of some very serious issues. Not about republicans riotting, radicalness and ridiculousness. Obama doesn't speak for me mainly due to his silence.

    I can't vote for someone who has approved of torture and claims dead children from our terrorist drones are "combatants". It was bad enough they were called "collateral damage". If this was Bush, we'd be out riotting, but even now - protesting is a no no thanks to NDAA... it's not a matter of taking the good with the bad. I see too much bad to ignore.

    I am not sure if I will vote... but I sure as hell will act. And continue to live with integrity. Torture is wrong no matter who does it.

    Andi, love the pictures. Thank dawg Trump hasn't decided to "update" that park with his clout. Loved how he was laughed out of Scottland or was it Ireland over his tantrum of seeing wind turbines off the coast of where he wanted to put a golf course :)

  6. Hey Farf-engroovin :)

    Wes' class went to the junior Timber's game Friday. They beat out Vancouver 2 -1. There wasn't any crisis or cussing this time LOL. But he just about lost his voice from all the hollering and good time they had.

    This one's for you!

  7. Hah! Is that Wes in the center? I see Cousin Itt dyed Itt's hair and got glasses, too! ;-)

    Had a nice tramp around the farm & through the woods yesterday morning, with Mason & Evil Twin. We found about a half-gallon of blackberries, a month before they're usually ready*, and a cup of blueberries. Mason wanted to be carried a lot toward the end. He's good for about a mile (half that on a flat surface, because he's usually running full-tilt), and we walked at least two. I put up a pic of the two yesterday.

    *Climate change deniers don't have the sense God gave a plant.

  8. Watching the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the Thames - it's magnificently bonkers! Spotted a boat full of Robin Hoods, captained by Friar Tuck; a boat of 18C sailors; a load of Maoris in feather capes; a crew of morris dancers complete with straw hats and bells. And the Queen looks lovely, bless her. (Glad I'm watching it on TV, it's chilly out there!)

  9. Farf, yup that's Wes aka Young George Harrison look-alike.

    Kings are up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals. Lombardi and Sutter used to be the GM and Coach of the Sharks but the owners decided on cut backs... now look at em... Sharks will be the only California team not to make it to the finals or win the Cup. Niiiiice. Actually, I'm more happy being a Winterhawks fan and supporting the local team of guys who are trying to break in to the NHL rather than a bunch of millionairre athletes who phone it in.

    Danni graduates next week. She's going to do transition courses at community college before going to college. Can't afford the $22,000 minimum per year right now - however, finding out that the unis will be increasing tuition by a ton next year... Not sure what these kids are supposed to do.

    So many of these old geezers wingers lived on the new deal and had all the social safety nets available to them AND one of the couple didn't have to work just to make ends meet. Now these same folks want to lift up the drawbridges and holler, "get a job!". There should be a term for them like Reagan's dividing lie - "wellfare queen"

    Cold here for a June. Even for Oregon. Might have to replant some tomatoes. Finally got my herb garden all settled in. Basils, Cilantro, Dill, Garlic & Onion chives as well as Oreganoes, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme. We'll see how that goes. I might have just spent some money and sweat on a nice Slug Buffet. :)

    Oh and instead of ordering tulip and muscari bulbs from Holland (which I love) I'm going to be getting them from my old stomping grounds... Skagit Valley. Local Tulips. :) They'll be hearty for the Maritime weather. I'm getting a river of two types of Muscari and then red and white and red & white tuplies. I know, how patriotic of me ROFL.

  10. What you said pretty much matches the reviews, Maria. Too bad. And very sorry to hear about the diagnosis.

    Beth! Hi! Sounds like a great time (the woods, not the work).

    Hey Larry, it's the Saturday morning cartoons -- but live action. :D

    Too bad royalty doesn't get to retire, Nicky. 50 years is long enough to get tired of anything I'd think -- except marriage of course (9 more years till our 50th anniversary).

    Great pic, Janet. And I am jealous of your herb garden because having fresh herbs to cook with is so wonderful. It's something Jim and I talk about but haven't ever managed to do.

  11. You guys need to borrow one of my wish mongers. Wish Monger? WTF is that Janet? Well it's something that I'd like to have but don't really need. An elite item that I probably could do without but one day would like to have...

    You need a glass house where you can grow your tomatoes and herbs during any season - but that is complete with a little barrista table and chair area near a small woodstove so you can enjoy your winter garden in the deep snow or Oregon rain. Small enough to be able to maintain but slightly large enough to sit and play cards in while you drank tea or chai.

    I want one of those. Well maybe not really as it seems super silly, but I would like one. ;)