Thursday, June 7, 2012

Unlayering Light

Dawn at Great Sand Dunes National Park

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Sometimes, Janet, I understand all too well why people become hermits.

    It's a pretty small park, Beth, but it does put on an impressive light show -- the place we stayed had a back porch that overlooked the park and Jim and I sat there and watched the light change on the dunes for more than two hours.

  2. Wow, what a marvelous photo!!

    Going to be a busy morning as I'm off to get a bone density scan before I go to the mimes. Of all the lab tests I have done, this is my favorite - mostly because it consists of me lying on a table while a scanner passes above me. No pain or poking!

    Looking very much forward to the weekend.

  3. My comment yesterday must have been extra tasty, because Blogger ate it. :-( Or maybe I was trying to decide whether to include a rather explosive suggestion & simply forgot to hit Publish. The less controversial part: I said I wanted Boran to paint yesterday's landscape.

    Janet, I think what needs to happen is that people who believe in evil liberal policies like education need to just turn their backs on the ignorami and let them wreck it all. They're happy in their ignorance, let them effing drown in it.

  4. Larry, fwiw, I'm right there with you on the ostracize strategy. There are some fights that aren't won by fighting (I would argue that they can't be won that way), they're won by "helpfully" giving your opposition all the rope they ask for so they can hang themselves. Meanwhile, withdraw from the systems and structures that have gone toxic, and use energy reserves to build alternative, sustainable replacements. Peace in, peace out.

    Kitteh pix!

    Blue always wants a bellyrub.

    Gizzy lounges adorably.

    Billyjack is not ready for his close-up.

    Duckie (one of Ruby's kittens; we have not acquired any waterfowl) makes a spectacular leap at the bird-watching window.

  5. it'd be okay if the American Taliban didn't send their own kids to school. It's another when they get on school boards and destroy the schools from within. California had the best education in the world till some dumb actor became Governor. Now it's the worst. Texas does the nation's textbooks.

    Our future is dead. Now our kids will be dumb as bricks and will have mediocre jobs and think joining the military is a good thing. Some say that if you want your child educated you should pay for it yourself. I lived in areas where that takes place and it's not a good thing.

    Some old fart said to my boss that he didn't have kids so why should his taxes go to the schools. She was dumbstrucked but said that one of those kids will be his doctor one day that those kids need to be educated to help support the future which he will be a part of.
    Americans for the most part are stupid and mean.

    My daughter's choir teacher stood up against the school board Monday. His students testified that most of them wouldn't be a part of any team or project without music and choir. Most said they wouldn't be getting into colleges without their music program. CUT.

    My son's aides - CUT.

    Farf, I wish the right and the teabaggers would just turn their backs. But they don't. They shove their beliefs down everybody's throats. They are rapists. They rape the earth, the rape all the safety nets then deny others the same help. Now they even are trying to redefine the term "rape" so that victims will be left behind.

    I wish there was a rapture! I would even pray for it. Please Rapture come and take all the clowns away.

    Better yet, Mr. President, didn't you say something once about education being a priority? .... One of your damn drones would have paid to keep this district alive. 340 teachers were bombed. That is called WAR.