Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Twist of Light

Taken May 31, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday

    Sounds like a long day at work, Maria. Hope it wasn't too tiring.

    Could you ride your bike up here, Larry -- then you could get wet for a good cause. ;)

    Dina, glad to hear you got rain without any bad stuff happening.

    Good news on the suspension, Janet. And I love that photo. I'd love even more to see a video of them putting the sandal on the duck.

  2. Well, Debby has moved out to sea, although we're still getting a few showers and lots of wind. Jacksonville is 1/2 hour north, and got double the rain that we did. Live Oak, where I was camping a few weeks ago, is 80% under water after 30" of rain. Just amazing. Watching coverage of the flooding this morning, and wishing some of this rain had fallen on Colorado...

    Be safe in the heatwave, anyone fighting it.

  3. Beautiful pic, Andi!

    Work day managed to turn out okay as I got a lot done. Eye doc visit was excellent. I got a clean bill and don't need to go back until September. They monitor me for glaucoma b/c of my other health situations.

    So very sad to hear of Nora Ephron's passing last night. :(

    LIke Beth, I'm wishing rain towards Colorado. It's horrifying to see the photos of the fires.

    We're due for another scorcher this weekend. Good thing I like staying indoors.

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Love this pic, the side-lighting really makes it pop!

    Andi, maybe I should ride to Colorado?

    Yay Maria for good eye report!

    Working at home today… putting together a presentation to show people how to get better indexes in AuthorIt without too much extra effort. Trying to avoid Death by Powerpoint.

  5. Andi - love the lighting.

    Larry - do you use Scrivener?

  6. Yes I do, Candis, for my own writing. At work, we use AuthorIt. If Scrivener had some collaboration tools, it could wipe the floor with AuthorIt. IMO of course.