Saturday, June 30, 2012

This is the end, my friend

... of mayapples and June.

Taken June 3, 2012.

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  1. Happy weekend everybody. Heat wave still going strong here. :(

    Hope the sleep doc visit went well, Maria.

    I don't know about the humidity making things bearable, Larry. It was in the low 50s here and that 102 temp was still just awful.

    I liked their fuzziness too, Candis. :)

    Sympathy to you and your guy, Beth. And hope meeting the family (what a tough way to do it) went well.

  2. Well, THAT was unexpeted! Got woken up last night about 11:15 or so by a MASSIVE thunder/windstorm. Today, more than 1 million folks in the area are without power and we're expecting a high of 102. I am soooo glad I still have power & a/c!! More storms expected tonight. Eek!

    Sleep doc visit went fine. All is good.

    Finished up the audio mastering for Blood Bargain and am uploading files this morning to ACX so that Wildside (publisher) can review. Spending the rest of the day inside with kitty & cold drinks.

    Hang in there, all!

  3. Byebye mayapples! When I was a kid, we'd seek them out and pull a stalk/leaf to shoo flies away.

    Andi, our humidity was below 30%, which is really really low for here. But I was thinking: last time it was this hot on Planet Georgia, I hadn't met the wife yet. The thermometer at home showed a max of 106 yesterday.

    Maria, I heard about that—they said the same storm originated around CHICAGO and traveled all the way to DC. That's even more impressive than the storm that flattened Tuscaloosa last year, came right over FAR Manor, and kept going on into North Carolina (raising tornado warnings all along the way). Hope your AC holds out. I think if our power goes out (high of 104 forecast) we'll just go down to the creek and sit in it. We might go find a pool somewhere, although sunburn is a real possibility.

    The ride home from work was rather interesting. I think it was around 104 at John's Creek (where I work) and it was coming right back up off the pavement. The wind was hot… you don't get that too often! The only relief I got was coming off stoplights, because the sweat had a chance to build up (low humidity, remember). The air started falling below body temp around the halfway point, and there was more shade on the roads, so that part wasn't so bad.

    I came up with yesterday's #FridayFlash on the way to work. A lot of people in my tweetstream have been reposting stuff about how women are drawn and posed in comic books, so I created a new superhero called "Miss Siles." I found a piece of clipart that was easily modified to create her emblem…

  4. Thanks for the hugs & good wishes, y'all are the bestest. :)

    Maria, it sounds like the thing that blew through here yesterday around suppertime made it all the way to your place before midnight. When it came through here the straight line winds were gusting just over 80mph at the airport -- they had to cancel flights -- and 60mph through most of the residential areas. Fortunately, there was no rotation, and it only flickered our power & took our cable down for the evening, but thousands of neighbors are still without power. Local news photo gallery of the damage in our area.

    Hello climate change! The intense weather also caused the first ever cancellation of some big deal annual event at Wright Patt AFB, plus the mall up the street lost a wall and had to be evacuated. And now they're saying we might get a repeat tonight. At least the 30 degree drop in temperature from 100+F is nice.

  5. Wow, crazy weather continues! It's a balmy 85 here, heading for 92. I think the sea breezes keep it reasonable here. Just saw some pix of the trees down from the storm - exciting, but scary! Too bad it didn't relieve the heat.... :(

    Yesterday went fine. His grandmother was almost 94, well-loved, but had been ill for a long time. So it was almost a relief. And the family doesn't get together very often, so they enjoyed that time, and swear to do so at a happier time again soon. It was a long day, but not a horrible one. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Working inside today - but Lord of the Rings is coming on, and I'd rather watch that. Maybe I'll take lots of breaks.

    Be safe, y'all. And stay inside and cool!

  6. Sorry about the horrible weather. We are having a weird "summer" here in Oregon. I wished my fellow earthlings had started caring about the entire planet sooner. I fear we can never turn this boat around even if we all quit using fossil fuels tomorrow and started using sustainable energy like solar and wind.

    Really scary how the ACA has made the Right Wingers so crazy. I don't feel that ACA goes far enough. People will still be lacking appropriate and accessible care. Had a guy in my line say that it's not fair he has to insure poor, lazy people who are not "worthy" of getting healthcare. That this country should let people who make under $50K a year just die. I was literally shocked into silence. There's nothing you can say to that type of hatred and ignorance. I do fear that this country, if it's going to ever regain it's composure will probably have to endure another civil war. Most of us have already seen the lock down and police state.

    Had a lovely time with a dear, young friend who is also a co-worker. We sat by the cowboy pit and Wayne brought us chai and made dinner. I've always felt close to the lady. I told her things that only Wayne and my best friend know. I keep getting shocked into how young she is, 25 or so. Was talking about DC after Katrina, and she'll say, "I wanted to go to DC for that protest but i had missed so much school already - was only in the 10th grade." LOL She's an old soul and I feel like I've known her forever. 6 hours just flew by. She's a very political animal and very much a liberal. And a Scorpio! I think that's why I was able to get so deep and close so quickly. She used to be a customer in my line and we'd have little chats as I rang up her items then she got a job with me. :) It's rare finding a female friend you can talk to about anything. She is trying to start a protest against all the Wal Marts that just bought out small grocery stores here from opening. One is moving into my area just a few blocks away. Ew. They aren't called Wal Marts, they are calling themselves "Local Grocery Store" with the name of the street location as it's name. Sucky.

    Picking up Wes and his friend from a community dance tonight.

    Be good and be safe.

  7. It's raining! (And hailing and thundering and lightning)

  8. We had a Monsoon last night. It poured rain and hail on us. Was on the road to pick up the boys from the dance. Traffic had to stop. Couldn't even see the road. Monsoon is the only thing I could compare it to having been through several while on Guam.

    the one good thing is that it'll be damp for the pyroholes this 4th.

  9. Rain!! That sounds so great! This heat wave is killing me. (Feeling really bad though for my sister whose electricity is still out in Falls Church, VA ... if there's anything worse than horrific heat, it's gotta be terrific heat & no electricity)

  10. I too am envious of rain. But like katiebird, I too have family in Virginia without power so I'm not complaining too loudly.