Friday, June 8, 2012

Sometimes Nothing is the Matter with Kansas

A glimpse of the Flint Hills, at 75 mph along I70

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  1. More landscapey goodness! So pretty.

    Up way early again. My body seems to think 5 a.m. is a good time to wake up. I'm not too worried, though, as I am getting at least 6-7 hours of excellent sleep. Guess this is my new pattern.

    Glad it's my weekend, even though I have another visit to the hospital center this a.m. (CT scan, followed by blood draw). Just follow ups.

    Then, back home to (hopefully!) finish recording book 2. Then, treats await in the form of new books to read. Whee!

    Happy Friday!

  2. There's flint in them there Flint Hills. Hope everyone has a good Friday & weekend.

  3. Drive-thru! You guys have a good one while I'm at the mimes. (At least I figured out why my XSLT wasn't working yesterday.)

  4. Ah Kansas. Every bit as lovely as her screen name.

    Maria, fwiw, some endocrine changes did that wake-at-5am thing to me...except for me it was 4 and my attitude was a lot grumpier about it than yours seems to be, heh. If it becomes bothersome, you might consider asking your docs to do a thyroid panel, make sure your A1C is in range, and/or check your estrogen & progesterone levels. In any case I hope the scan goes well and that the vampires don't overdraw. ;)

    All my best to all of you, as always.

  5. Hi, all. I got back late Wednesday but yesterday was catch up time and didn't have time to post. Familiar territory here as Sally and I drove through the Flint Hills on I70 on Sunday. We were on our way to see Nancy who says hi to all.

    Great trip - if you have never seen the badlands, all I can say is GO!

  6. "Kansas" is a class act. However the politicians of the state of Kansas and their cuhrazy policies and bills can all kiss my "hush yer mouth".

    Cats are buffalo-ing all throught out the house this morning.

    It does not feel like June at all here. Cold and rainy. Even the science deniers are rubbing their foreheads.

    Off to go see Wes' end of the year ceremony. Another somber school event. Danni's graduation is next Tuesday. Her teachers are all depressed. Very morose.

    I'm so glad we got a president who said he was going to be the education president. Bah. Humbug.

    Best friend is coming up from San Jose, CA, to see us and Danni graduate. She works for the school district down there.

  7. I cried before I even got to the ceremony. Very touching. Video of the kids at their (WEX) Work EXperience programs. Whole section on the Winterhawks and Wes. 13 young people with potential aged out today. I wish them well. They have a tough country to live in.

    Farf, Wes' young friend who had the make a wish granted, he's on the Season Ticket Holder's ticket. :)

    I need to browse my cookbooks and get baking. Baking soothes me. But I admit I do vent alot while in the kitchen. Sorta Ying and Yang of art and anger. But all with yummies.

    Love you guys! I know I've been an emotional moose puppy of late. But I'd rather be angry than apathetic. Most of you know that I'm not always angry. Just have to watch the passion with the poison.