Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shine A Light on Me

Taken May 24, 2012.

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  1. Drive-by hi. Long week of working too many hours, but the payoff is that now I get to play! Driving across the state with the band for a private party, then back the same day - 9 hours in a car with 3 men, heaven help us. More music tomorrow, then Tuesday I fly to Houston for a visit with a girlfriend for a few days - and yes, more music. Funny that I'm nervous about taking this trip - Road Warrior Beth seems to have vanished completely.

    Hope you're having a great Old Broads' weekend, andi! Looking forward to hearing about Kelly's trip. And wishing calm seas to all who follow.

    Now that there are footprints on the VGW, my work is complete. Happy weekend, y'all!

  2. Beth, have a great weekender and a fun trip! Music player, in-ear 'phones, that should help with the 3 men thing.

    Andi, when you return from your old broads' weekend, could you ask Zen Sniff why Mason sleeps until 9 through the week but is up at 8 (or before) on weekends?

    More… coffee…

  3. Have fun, Beth! Sounds like a great trip.

    Larry, it is the way of the world - but soon he will probably be sleeping half the day away!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  4. Farf, first day of No School for Danni and this once child who had to have both parents threaten to do all sorts of horrible, no good, very bad things to her if she didn't get up for school... got up super early on her own. Pissed her off, too. "I can't believe I woke up!"

    People should not be allowed to use loud lawn mowers on the weekends. And if people aka neighbors can afford to pay people to come do their lawns they can have them arrive after 3 pm instead of 8 am. Buggers.

    Actually we could afford the lawn maintenance guys, too. But we're not republicans who vote to do away with immigration laws and then "hire" people at below minimum wage to rake their leaves.

    Think I'll sit around the cowboy pit all afternoon.

    We're going to have to go back to Boston. Wayne's Dad is passing away. Cancer. I hate going back there as his family is very strange and not in a good way. Who wants to see grandparents who only have met their grandchildren ONCE? They could have seen them other times but decided to go to Utah and then Arizona instead. Tour the McCain mansions or go see kids.... their loss.

    I'm just going to be stoic, keep my mouth shut and my head down. Lovely. I'll have my notebook and nook.

  5. My store is billed as "The Friendliest Store in Town". Due to it's continued support of LGBT rights and being one of the sponsors of today's Gay Pride Parade, the paper called us "The Gayest Store in Town". We took that as an honor instead of a slam :)

    My store provides full benefits to part time workers and straight or gay families. Cuz we rock!

    Was at the Saturday Market in Portland and it seemed like the Gay Parade was going on. It's today actually (Sun). Line out the wazoo for Voodoo donuts. Masses of humanity everywhere. But all were in a great mood. No pigs on horses.

    Happy Daddy Day to all you papas, guardians and grampies.

  6. Hi all. I'm back -- happy from spending good times with good friends. Also, tired from the drive so that's it for me for today.