Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Sense of Rain and Lightning

Monument Rocks, Kansas -- a major feature of Nancy's book

Click image to see larger version


  1. ... continued from yesterday

    That's pretty much my sleep pattern, Maria. I just can't seem to sleep more than 6-7 hours, no matter how tired I am.

    Hi Candis. :D back.

    Best of thing about being retired, Larry -- no more more worries about XSLT, SQL, Perl, schemas, and, best of all, cranky clients.

    I think I'm bad enough for the badlands, Dina, so it's definitely some place for me to go. :)

    Jen and Janet, the nice thing was not too long after those hills, we got to see "kansas" ... and katiebird too.

  2. Rainy day here.

    Andi, go - you are definitely bad enough and they are incredible!

    Love the pictures. We didn't make it there but maybe a trip soon.

  3. I couldn't sleep too well last night myself. Kept going through photos of Wesley that could be used for his Aging Out Ceremony next year. Him with a hockey stick on the couch. So many memories and trials... tribulations and victories. He's had so much support but sadly not from our relatives. Our true family has been our friends. Most of which are in the hockey realm and political protesting hippie bunch. :) He has a great support team. I wish you all could attend next year.

    Jen, nice pussy shots you had there :)

    Yesterday's photo reminded me of the Robim William movie "Toys". Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    Omigosh! I made the most incredible cookie last night.

    I love her cookbook but this one isn't in there. My family just about loved me to death over these and are insisting I make more today. I used strawberry jam instead of cherry but think I will make some with marionberry jam and zig zag it with nutella.

    Andi, I have "Kansas" envy.

    ((((((Maria)))))))) You are finding your way through this. It takes time. I know how hard it is to go through this. For several years, I thought I would always be in pain or held hostage to vertigo. It does get better... to quote Dan Savage. :)

  4. Here's Danni's Senior Photo!

    Was taken by her friend for their art credit.

  5. Those skies are so HUGE! And not filled with rain like ours, what a novelty. Mind you, today the startled inhabitants of this southern part of our islands have been staring in awe at an alien ball of light in the sky. It's been there most of the day, but we don't trust it to come back tomorrow, oh dear no.
    (The reason the British talk so much about the weather is that we have so much of it, rarely two hours alike, let alone two days!)

  6. Thanks muchly, Jen & Janet. I'm mostly doing the one-day-at-a-time thing these days. :) Today is a decent day. I managed to sleep in until 6! Nothing on the agenda but reading & watching TV. Cooking some lovely bbq chicken in a crockpot and just hanging out with the kitty.

    Janet, Danni's photo is awesome.

    Jen, the kitty pictures are so great.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

  7. It's well worth a trip, Dina. Though you've got t get almost all the way across Kansas to see it.

    Sorry Janet but I can't pay attention to those marshmallows when I have something as charming as Danni's senior picture to look at.

    There's not a lot to get in the way of the skies in Kansas, Nicky.

    Enjoy the chicken, Maria (not to mention sleeping late).

  8. Got Kansas' Lightning book on my Nook!!! Whooot! I am a FAN of her work. It's weird, I don't really think of it as her writing the book when I'm reading. Just a few pages into it and then when I finish. I want to rush in and hug her when I dive into a story of hers. But during it... it's forgotten that it's hers. Wayne said he'd forget that it was me on stage at times.

    I just purchased OPOL's (One Pissed Off Liberal) book "Where Your Love Like Heaven" at Powells.

    (((((Andi))))) I love the photo of her. It speaks, "DANNI!" It's very natural.

  9. Where/Wear... typing gone bad. :)

    I'd better run now as the rest of the clan are starting to realize I'm just goofing off as they work.

  10. Kansas is full of great character, WHO KNEW. ;p

    That's a gorgeous picture of Danni -- she looks a lot like her mom. :)

    You know, it's a good thing those cats are as cute as they are because they are keeping me up half the night lately. I'm about ready to see what I can get for them on ebay. (Not really.) The only thing I've managed to do in two days is bake poundcake cupcakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting, because it's important to keep one's priorities in the proper order.

    Happy remains of the weekend to all!

  11. We're back from visiting my Mom in Cincinnati. Good day.