Monday, June 4, 2012

The Pools are Open!

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  1. ... continued from yesterday

    I think nearly everyone should have (or maybe does have) a wish monger, Janet. And yours sounds lovely.

  2. ::joins doggies for a swim::

    It's definitely Monday. Let's just keep it at that, 'k?

  3. Yay, doggies in the water!

    Herbs tend to grow on autopilot, given sufficiently good soil and sun (and not *too* cold temps in winter). Oregano and lemon balm winter over here and are almost weeds. I'm thinking of replacing those invasive ground-cover vines I've dug up with lemon balm—it smells good, and can be used for stress-relief tea & insect repellant (smear a couple leaves over exposed skin). Thyme winters over too, but doesn't spread. OTOH, after an unusually mild winter it's looking very happy. Basil is an annual anywhere the lows go below 40F, though.

    I need to get someone here to watch Mason before mime time… see ya!

  4. Andi, I think elsewhere my wish monger would be called a "Sun Porch" :) but I like the idea of a glass green house where I can take my chai, read, surf and have a wood fire.

    Farf, yup there's perrnials and annual herbs. Here we do get winter, sometimes :) Maritime weather Zone 8.

    "On Wisconsin!" Please win Wisconsin!

  5. Monday, Monday. Great day of music yesterday, and then a date with my guy last night. Today, work.

    Summer seems to have arrived in FL - air conditioning is still on, ugh. Thinking about taking a walk under the full moon later, when it cools off. And there's basketball to watch...

    I miss having a garden. I have a tomato plant and some Scott Bonnet pepper starts on my patio - thinking about a strawberry pot, too. Missing green growing stuff....

    Hope everyone has a stellar week! I'm counting down til Saturday, when we head to the Suwanee River for camping and music. Hopefully work won't keep me jumping, so I can stop in now and then....

    Night, all!